LIVE ROH Death Before Dishonor iPPV coverage

Sep 17, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

From Sean Banner:

Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak out for commentary. They welcome the crowd. They introduce Cary Silkin and the New COO John Koff. A Cary Silkin chant went out. Koff introduces Jim Cornette. A Happy Birthday Chant goes up for Cornette. Koff leads the crowd in singing happy birthday to Cornette. Cornette thanks everyone and says it is his 50th birthday.

A Mr. Wrestling chant went up, referencing Kevin Steen

Kelly and Prazak run down the card.

The pre-show match saw Andy “Right Leg” Ridge defeat Grizzly Redwood in 7:12 with a prawn hold. (Sloppy, plodding match. They worked this match like two heavyweights. Redwood’s weight was announced at 145)

The Briscoes come out (to chants of “man up”) with a ladder, chairs and a table and say NYC, this s***’s about to go down, the ANX are b****es and they’re not built for this s*** and the ANX’s blood is on our hands.

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