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Triple H says UFC needs to evolve, not WWE

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Moviefone’s Eric Larnick is featuring an interview with WWE’s Triple H where he talks about comparisons between WWE and UFC and why he feels UFC needs to be the one to evolve.

“I don’t think we have to evolve. It’s two totally different things. I think now especially there’s this thing like, “oh it’s very similar.”

I don’t see us needing to evolve to what UFC does because quite frankly sometimes the fights are long and boring, guys lying around and sometimes the fights are fast and over in five seconds. I’ve always thought one of the things about us, if you look at us solely from a sports standpoint, is that we always give you a good show. We’re never going to give you a crap game.

I think if anybody needs to evolve, it’s them. Give more of an entertainment standpoint. Give more form; they just have fighters who walk in in T-shirts and shorts and just stand there and then they fight and then they win and then they go “thanks, I’d like to thank my sponsors” and then they leave. The whole world was up in arms when Brock was flipping people off and was cussing at the beer company because they didn’t give him any money and everyone thought, “oh my god, he’s disrespectful,” — the whole world was talking about it. They couldn’t wait to see him get beat up. And then he did well, and he beat some guys and then people jump on his bandwagon going “Brock’s the greatest.” I’m good friends with Floyd Mayweather and Floyd would be the first to tell ya, “I make the most money in boxing and I have the biggest buyers because I have the biggest mouth.” He’d be the first guy to tell you that. That’s what it’s about. Sports is entertainment.”

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  1. sunshinethewerewolf says:

    It bugs me when someone calls the sport UFC. It’s MMA People.

  2. RJ Ace says:

    Well I’m not completely disregarding Hunter’s assessment of UFC because I agree with some of his points. It is a real sport so not every fight will be great which is why I won’t spend money on one of their ppv’s. When I watch UFC shows, I go to a sports bar with friends instead of shelling out 50 bucksm If the NFL started doing ppv’s, I wouldn’t pay for that either because there is no guarantee. That’s not a knock on UFC, it’s just the nature of the sport. I do think UFC should take the muzzle off their fighters a little more. I get that they have sponsors to answer to, but they are getting to the point where alot of what they put out is bland. NASCAR at one point was more popular nationwide than any sport(if that’s what you want to call it) outside of the NFL. They have also become bland and boring in alot of ways because of corporate sponsors.
    However for him to say that WWE never gives you a bad game is a load of crap. I order almost every ppv WWE puts out and in recent years, there have been quite a few duds. If I didn’t have a group of people chipping in, there’s no way in hell I’d shell out 55 bucks for a WWE ppv.

  3. Alex says:

    LOL, ok Hunter, so, matches on RAW are never long and boring?

    Never gonna give us crap? No fast matches?


  4. The Rock says:

    The best UFC card will always be better than the best wrestling card.

    Even with the ability and advantage of dictating a match, WWE is no where near the level of quality as the UFC is today from an entertainment standpoint. UFC is currently in their ‘attitude era’ post WCW (buying out strikeforce and pride) but they actually listen to fans and are properly using the talent to their full potential.

    But Hunter does have a point when saying that fighters should become more vocal; i.e Chael Sonnen pretty much selling his fight against Silva when everyone was pissed at Silva’s previous showboating performances as well as fans not giving Sonnen a chance of winning. He hyped himself up by belittling Silva and cutting wrestling-esque promos.

  5. xcoma says:

    To me, this is simply a moot point because frankly, one is real, and one is scripted. If he’s insinuating the UFC is fixed? Then that’s a different story. But bringing the grandeur that WWE needs to stay entertaining to the UFC would just make it look both fake and campy.

  6. Helio says:

    It bug me when people call it Mixed Martial Arts. UFC is Mixed Martial SPORT. What Bruce Lee did was Mixed Martial Arts.

  7. AJ Starr says:

    Hunter just ruined a large chunk of his credibility saying all that crap.

    WWE has been on a decline for a decade because they’re boring as all hell. They were the WORST in that decline when Trips was on top constantly.

    But… him saying a SPORT has to turn itself into an entertainment show to “evolve?”

    How long do you guys think the WWE will last once he’s REALLY in charge? I give it 5 years before it goes under once he’s at the helm.

  8. kc says:

    Dana White’s vision for the company is totally different. Dana wants to push the UFC as mainstream as possible and build the UFC up to the NBA,NFL,NHL,MLB level as a legit mainstream sport, make it accessible to almost every fan. Thats why the UFC buyrates and gates crush whatever WWE has been doing.

  9. Pieman says:

    I agree that UFC dould do with the little work on the entertainment side of things as in turn it will make more money. Trip’s comment about them just walking out with t-shirt was a great example. UFC could make a ton more money on merchandise if they changed how they promoted it, which would in turn increase money for fighters which increase the value of the product.

    However…. I would like to take the time to thank Triple H for the great showing of the Lawler/Khali tag match from a couple of weeks ago. Very high quality of product…. hmmm… That’s a fail there Hunter…

  10. Mc hype says:

    UFE NEEDS TO EVOLVE unlike wwe ufc is real a wwe legend said quote once the fans has found out that wrestling is fake its over its no longer the same as before.

  11. The Wordman says:

    Let me get this straight….So Hunter thinks that a legitimate sport with a proven track record should evolve and embrace a more ‘WWE entertainment’ mindset.

    We all remember the last time someone tried that and how well it was received by the public.

    No? You don’t remember, Hunter? Well, I have three words for ya…..


    Case closed.

  12. -Jay- says:

    They are evolving slowly and Dana said with the new Fox deal things are going to improve from a production standpoint.

    That being said…Trips stfu, it took WWE years to evolve to the point its at now and you don’t always deliver entertainment just ask CM Punk.

    Then again those guys don’t get paid to put on theatrics they get paid to knuckle up and make someone tap or go night night. Dana could put a huge screen and 50000 lights and whatnot in the entrance ramp and make it about pageantry but people like the raw unadulterated “realness” of the sport so it remains about the fighting.

  13. Gazz says:

    I said this elsewhere and feel compelled to say the same here: This is just my opinion, but I think that not knowing whether a MMA fight is going to be a “human game of chess” grappling/wrestling match or a very fast KO win is what makes MMA unpredictable, unlike pro wrestling which in some cases can prove to be boring and predictable especially when we see certain individuals pulling out the same set of moves, sometimes in the same sequence every time they’re out in the ring.

    I haven’t watched much in the way of MMA for a while, but I do believe that it is fine the way it is.

  14. Ian says:

    Get a life Triple H, UFC is just fine…its real not scripted and a boring fight in UFC is better than a boring fight in WWE anytime.

  15. JayJay says:

    Triple H is also ignoring the fact that Strikeforce and Pride both had the video screens and the lights and smoke… and they both got bought out by the UFC. Why? Because people only care about those things when they’re watching a fake show… UFC is real, so trying to compare it with WWE is sort of stupid. One is a sport that you’ll hear the results and see the highlights on Sportscenter, you’ll only see that with the WWE when they have a athlete from a real sport competing.

  16. kc says:

    ^^^He does have a life, a wife, kids and a damn good job with a commanding salary, things that most people would kill for. So ease up on the man.

  17. Shadowtroll says:

    That is awesome HHH.

  18. T says:

    Why the hell would the UFC take advice from HHH?

  19. Riten says:

    I Understand Totally What HHH Is Saying. Brock Was The Talk Here After That And @Mc hype, Who Said That ?
    Cause I’ll Quote A True Wrestling Legend Gorgeous George ”People Will Pay To See A Bad Guy Get His Mouth Shut”
    When Brock Did That, People Where Talking, Then Dana Told Brock Off Cause They Had ”Sponsors” And That’s Not How To Get Noticed In UFC, It’s Not WWE Any More. Now Brock Lesner Is One Of The Most Mainstream Names In UFC Or MMA.

    Trips Isn’t Talking About Fake And Real, He’s Talking Entertainment. Then The IWC Cries About Something He Wasn’t Even Talking About.

  20. Kerry says:

    Real fighting – entertaining

    A show that is 90% talking + 10% in ring action – not entertaining.

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