Beth Phoenix talks Night of Champions, social media, and more

Sep 15, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

from Brian Soscia:

Beth Phoenix called into The Soscia Network Radio Show in Philly to promote this Sunday’s Night of Champions. She was very open about her life and career.
For the interview click here:
In the interview we discussed:
How it feels returning to her hometown for the PPV.
How she feels about Twitter/Facebook and how it is impacting her life/wrestling.
Beyond the Mat
Did she grow up a fan?
How she got into wrestling.
Who her favorite WWE Superstars were growing up and why?
When did she decide she wanted to be a wrestler?
Did she any problems when she first started b/c of her different look?
Which former Diva helped up the door for her to get into WWE? Not only did this Diva help her, but she went way above and beyond, find out how.
If she could pull off a show stealer w/ any other wrestler in the world who would it be?
Who would she like to have an inter-gender match against and much more!

For the interview click here:

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