Sep 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Live from Orlando, FL

Thank you for joining us for our live coverage of tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling PPV.

– PPV opens with the wrestlers on the entrance ramp with the flag on Impact zone tron. We hear “America the Beautiful” as fans chant USA, USA. Jesse Neal was wearing his military fatigues and of course, the spotlighted Rosita, who lost her father on 9/11.

– Opening PPV promo video.

– Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome us to the PPV, as the broadcast team plug tonight’s card.

(1) Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen to become the #1 contender for the X-Division championship. Sorensen signs a fan’s football on the way down to the ring. Kash dominates the offense in the early minutes of the match, as the fans chant for Sorensen. Nice drop kick by Sorensen puts him in charge of the action, swinging neck breaker, but only a two count for Sorensen. Kash is distracted by the fans, who are booing him. Kash gets into a shoving match with referee Brian Hebner. Sorensen picks up the victory at 7:54 via pinfall to earn a future title match for the X-Division title.

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