Sep 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– Backstage, JB asks Kurt Angle about just learning of his title defense tonight against Sting and Mr. Anderson. Angle gets up set with Hulk Hogan, who asks Angle what he wants him to do about it.

(2) Bound for Glory Series match: James Storm vs. Bully Ray. Bully Ray stalls the match by remaining outside of the ring, which got him heat from the crowd. On the match, Storm tried to submit Bully Ray with an arm breaker, but Bully Ray made it to the ropes. Storm tried unsuccessfully for a second submit attempt with an arm breaker as he needs to submission victory in the series. With the referee distracted, Bully Ray spit beer into Storm’s eyes. Bully Ray was unsuccessful in hitting a Bubba bomb, but Storm was also unsuccessful with a third arm breaker attempt. Storm applies a scorpion on Bully Ray, but Ray again made it to the bottom rope. It appeared Storm won via submission when Bully Ray tapped out at 11:50, but the referee disqualified Storm for spitting beer in his face.

After the match, Christy Hemme tries to interview Bully Ray, but he tells her to get lost. Bully Ray walks down to the ring and says he is the next world heavyweight champions. Bully Ray now has 52 points in the BFG series.

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