Sep 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

(6) Bound for Glory series match: Bobby Roode vs. Gunner. Fans started the “Bobby, Bobby” chant. Roode works on Gunner’s left arm, draping around the ring post on the outside of the ring. Gunner gains the upper hand, and applies a neck vice like move in an attempt to get Roode to submit, but he was unsuccessful. Both men need a submission to tie Bully Ray at 52 points in the Bound for Glory standings. Arm bar again by Roode, but Gunner countered it. Roode attempts it again, but this time Gunner made it to the ropes for the break. Arm bar again by Roode, Gunner goes for the ropes, but Roode pulled him to the middle of the ring, and Gunner finally tapped out at 11:56.

After the match, Eric Bischoff congratulations Bobby Roode, but the bad news? He is going to face Bubba Ray tonight to settle the Bound for the Glory series, unadvertised, unpromoted.

Backstage, Austin Aries said tonight’s time for action, total nonstop Aries. Aries said his “A” game is above every man in the business. Aries said he’ll become the next X-Division champion.

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