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– Backstage, Mr. Anderson cut a promo backstage. Didn’t make alot of sense, as per usual

(5) Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan. Big forearm by Joe running from rope to rope into Morgan on the outside. Lots near falls, as the fans are into this match. Rear naked choke by Joe, but Morgan wins the physical match with a big boot at 11:32. Joe’s face showed a great deal of frustration after another loss.

Backstage, JB interviews Bobby Roode. Roode said tonight, its him time, and this his dream. Roode said he will submit Gunner, and then kick Bully Ray’s butt. Storm tells Roode he believes in him, and tells Roode to do this for himself, as he deserves this.

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  1. Ray Sanders says:

    Storm is gonna cost Roode the match. WATCH…

  2. Criss Brian says:

    Another Joe loss, great job TNA. you have no idea how to book

  3. King b says:

    Joes leaving and they know it. They won’t build him up so “the competition” can capitalize.

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