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Survivor Series sold out

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE’s 11/20 Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden is sold out. Advertising has suggested that The Rock will return to the ring at the PPV.

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  1. Beast says:

    glad I got my ticket. :)

  2. DJ Reign says:

    The Rock will appear via twitter / facebook video

  3. James says:

    @ DJ Reign

    and yet it will still be more entertaining then anything the WWE has to offer currently.

  4. Radar says:

    @ James
    true true but i am digging the Punk storyline a lil disapointed that the nash match didnt happen they should have done that first b4 the hhh match let that build up more but im looking fowared to see where it goes thats the only reason why i watch raw

  5. -Jay- says:

    Rock is going to kick some fruity pebble around the garden.

  6. kc says:

    Glad I bought my tickets early. Good thing I bought like 6 cheap tix and sold them to some saps on stubhub for almost 2x the price.

  7. kc says:

    Sold all the cheap tickets for 2x the price and bought my floor seats with it

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