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Report: Linda McMahon to run for U.S. Senate again

According to an article published by, Republican Linda McMahon will be announcing in the coming weeks to run for a second time for the United States Senate in the Connecticut. She will reportedly seek the seat to be vacated by Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent.

McMahon plans to raise money from private donors instead of relying strictly on her own money, according to one Republican close to her.

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  1. Chris W says:

    Great…keep the PG rated era going. Been doing so well, why stop? Somehow, Vince needs to see that he, too, is running a business and do what made him great in the Attitude Era. WWE shows look like a damn circus now, and getting sillier every week. Oh, how the mighty have fallen

  2. connor says:

    well there goes another 50 million down the toilet of another soon to be failed campaign

  3. RJ Ace says:

    The Attitude Era worked well because is was fresh at the time. Just having Cena and Orton go out there cursing every other word for no reason and having skanky women isn’t going to improve the current situation. TNA does that every Thursday night and there is no ratings growth at all. I grew up watching Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock so yeah, I loved that era as well. The PG rating isn’t holding WWE back, it’s the lack of competition, complacency, and the lack of fresh ideas. Crash TV is not the answer. Vince Russo was considered a genius at one point and most of the IWC hates him even though he’s writing the same style he always has. Alot of the things people criticize WWE and TNA for today, WWE was being praised for as cutting edge from 1997-2001. Rapid fire title changes, weekly heel/face turns, blood, slutty women getting pushed, cheap finishes, etc.

  4. Anony-mouse says:

    Dammit Linda!

  5. Jeff says:

    Great…WWE was starting to improve in the last 6 months after her loss. Guess we’re headed back to playing things safe again.

  6. -Jay- says:

    Welp she is trying to allegedly distance herself from her former business…not like saying “ass” and more action is “pushing the envelope too far” but will it go back to a G-PG styled show?

    Cena: “Rock, I am going to hurt your posterior in a significant manner when we duel. You cannot envision me.”

    *slaps Rock with white glove*

    Rock: “Cena, The Rock is going to turn his boot horizontally, ensure that there is a significant luster upon said boot, and propel said boot into thine hindquarters ever so powerfully.”

  7. xangel says:

    Freakin katie vick…..ruining everything…..

  8. The Wordman says:

    @ Chris W:

    Vince knows he’s running a business. You have to look at the Bottom Line. From a purely business/financial point of view, the WWE is making more money now than ever before, thanks to the million dollar merchandising deals, the mainstream sponsors & other generated revenue. There’s no competition out there which would necessitate a need to radically change things … as long as the money keeps pouring in, Vince can live with the grumblings from the IWC.

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