Harry Smith talks WWE release, MMA, IGF, and more

Sep 7, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

received via e-mail:

Former WWE Superstar Harry “DH” Smith was a guest on this week’s Wrestling News Live(located at http://snsradionetwork.com) and the former tag team champion spoke about the following topics in his first post WWE interview:

His release from the WWE,

His recent stint in Japan for Antonio Inoki’s IGF Promotion and tagging with Bobby Lashley during the tour, Training for MMA at Batista’s school in Florida,

His thoughts on Mauro Renallo as an announcer in both wrestling and MMA,

The Hart Dynasty in WWE and how it seemed as though it was destined to fail, the break-up between the Hart Dynasty and how it should have happened,

His thoughts on Davey Boy Smith going into the Hall of Fame ,

Daveys thoughts on the screw job

Possibly returning to the WWE,

The idea behind the Cowboy DH Smith gimmick prior to his release,

Billy Robinson,

Working on a new version of Stampede wrestling

The interview can be heard in full at http://www.archive.org/download/Wnl9-5-11/Wnl9-5-112.mp3 starting at the 1 hour 15 minute mark

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