Lanny Poffo on his discussion with Randy Savage about the hall of fame

Sep 6, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Slam Wrestling has a Q&A with Lanny Poffo. On whether he and his brother ever discussed WWE’s Hall of Fame: “Yes, we talked about it. As a matter of fact, remember when the Von Erichs got into the Hall of Fame? That was the first time he’d mentioned it, and my father was still alive. We celebrated his birthday, and at this point my father was coherent. He says, ‘The Von Erichs are in the Hall of Fame? I’m not going in, ever, into the Hall of Fame unless it’s the Poffos, Lanny, Randy and Angelo.’ That’s what he said. We didn’t cremate him against his wishes and we’re not going to go into the Hall of Fame against his wishes either.”

(source: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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