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Taping results from Huntsville, AL courtesy of Matthew Stewart:

Between tapings, EY def. Robbie E , then Rob Terry came out and delivered the beatdown on EY. Robbie E and Rob Terry celebrated together.

– To start 2nd taping, Anderson comes out and says he still has title rematch to cash in, and he’ll do so tonight with Sting as guest enforcer.

– Winter and Angelina def. Velvet and Mickie when Winter pins Mickie.

– DVon and Pope def. British Invasion to become #1 contenders. Bully Ray, Gunner and Beer Money all get in the ring and Bully Ray talks about how every member of a tag team wants to win a WHC one day, but won’t tell his tag partner. Roode reaffirms that he and Storm won’t let BFG series come between them.

– Daniels def. Styles after Styles botches flying forearm smash attempt, Daniels refuses handshake.

– Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle ends in dq when immortal storms the ring. Gunner pins Bully Ray in a four corners match that included Beer Money. Jeff Hardy comes out to ring alone and talks about how he disgraced everyone last time he was here, and says all he can do is ask for one more chance.

Note: Big face reaction for Hardy, small boos. Back to his Modest theme, looked sober and sounded sober. Second biggest pop, with Sting consistently getting HUGE pops.

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  1. Gerry says:

    im first & about damn time jeff hardy returned

  2. Shacoria J. says:

    Wait so jeff returning just to talk a few words and then what? Does he come back with Immortal or is he against them? Hopefully they have some sort of idea behind his reappearance.

  3. Sack Wagger says:

    Well, if TNA got ANY little sense on their small minds (I guess not), they’ll book Hardy as face, seeing as he still got good reaction from the crowd. Also, “talks about how he disgraced everyone last time he was here, and says all he can do is ask for one more chance” sounds really face, but I’m guessing TNA will screw it up and turn him heel just because they can.

  4. Will says:

    So I guess Robbie-Rob is gonna be a new tag team? I don’t know why Pope and Devon won #1 contendership now though when they’re still in the BFG series, they should’ve let British Invasion get a shot until the series is over. Also, looks like Mickie Vs. Winter is going to go on foreve.

  5. Riten says:

    – Rob Terry And Robbie E, Isn’t Terry Back With The Brits ?
    – Dvon And Pope Sounds Alright.
    – Gunner Is Terrible, Not In General. But Being A Random Guy In TNA Is Always Terrible. Maybe He Should Tag With Crimson Called ”Generic”.
    – Daniels And Styles Are Like A Failing Couple. On Again, Off Again.
    – This Hardy Angle. Hopefully It Gains Enough Attention. These Few Words In The Spoilers Got Me Interested. If TNA Had An Understanding Of Which Direction They Where Going In, This Could Be Big. Much Like The Punk Work This Could Be Big.

    Hopefully TNA Will Get Out Of This Immortal Vs The World Era(New Person Each Month – Fortune, Dixie, The Network, Sting, Angle, Anderson)

  6. Meh says:

    Now if only Daniels could get a World Title run.

  7. Justin Myers says:

    I was there, and was one of the people to cheer Hardy, I know wrestling is scripted but it truly seemed like he has woke up for real!

  8. steve says:

    Daniels with a world title run, lol this isn’t ROH.

  9. Kerry says:

    So Jeff *seems* sober & still works for TNA while Matt got messed up & arrested & lost his job in TNA. Wow!

  10. Neil says:

    kerry, matt was constantly late for shows, and than recently he posted videos of him hanging himself and killing himself. Why would anyone want to hire him when jeff had a legitimate problem and worked on it and might actually be better. jeff deserves the job way more than matt

  11. Kerry says:

    Neil, Jeff is still on trial for drug posession & his trial keeps getting delayed, plus he showed up for a show unfit to perform, which led to a shortened main event match. He should have been fired on the spot for that himself.

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