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Original Sin Cara’s WWE future again up in the air


At Tuesday’s Smackdown tapings the ORIGINAL Sin Cara (aka Mistico) was said to have returned to the character coming off of his suspension. Then, late this week PWInsider confirmed that it was actually Hunico that appeared on Smackdown rather than Mistico. They also claim that Mistico was backstage at the event and dressed to wrestle but WWE went with Hunico instead, and Mistico was actually sent home from the tapings before it had even ended. Now Hunico is supposedly going to portray the Sin Cara character from here on out, leaving everyone to wonder where Mistico goes from here, but it’s pretty safe to say his WWE career is definitely in jeopardy.

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    And yet he botched

  2. Renato says:

    Thats called plain and ismple: a mistake!

    Letting that guy go will be one of your worst regrets WWE

  3. ILMH says:

    I’ve read conflicting reports of who was behind the mask. Whoever it was though was REALLY sloppy. I was at the taping and it was just god awful. It’s a dark day when Heath Slater is in a match and he’s the STRONG competitor.

  4. Icon says:

    But Hunico sucks as Sin Cara. Why on earth would you get rid of the guy who can actually work the lucha style better? Hunico isn’t a good flyer and isn’t very fluid in his motions.

    I think WWE will regret the entire Sin Cara character/idea in the end and Hunico will end up being future endeavored just like Mistico.

  5. if wwe release him, let me just say wwe just hate talented wrestlers..

  6. Nick says:

    Yeah, I don’t get this. Hunico is a talented technical wrestler with some flying skills while Mistico is the exact opposite. Stupid move in WWE goes with this permanently.

  7. JM Styles says:

    Actually the new Sin Cara or Hunicara (lol) looks too fat.

  8. RJ Ace says:

    Yeah it baffles me when people bash the guy. It’s not his fault that 90 percent of the WWE roster only knows how to wrestle 1 style. He is better than nearly every guy they have and they would be stupid to let him go. Hey WWE, why don’t you hire wrestlers instead of sports entertainers?

  9. Hipnosis says:

    Why is everyone so upset if Mistico is released? Mistico has yet to prove to me why he’s this huge star in Mexico and has gained a reputation of being a Botchamania legend lol

  10. Icon says:

    @ Hipnosis

    It’s more like why replace him when the guy portraying him now is JUST AS BOTCHY if not worse!

    Just scrap the character all together but no wwe wants more money as always

  11. CT Cruz says:

    I am so sick of hearing about how good Sin Cara is. His “lucha” spot monkey wrestling is just not good. Maybe in Mexico where others wrestle that style but in order to be ‘great’ you have to adapt to your surroundings. Some one mentions that 90 percent of the WWE roster can wrestle one style. Well Mistico can only wrestle one as well. Yes he can do some cool moves.. However to get set up for those moves takes way to much dead time to get set up. Could you ever see this guy in some awesome storyline with anyone?? I mean get real people.

  12. Gazz says:

    My thoughts exactly RJ Ace.

    I said the exact same thing after the whole SC/Chavo debacle, and I’ll reiterate the same here: Fingers crossed that when Triple H takes over, his influence in bringing in wrestlers from other promotions/countries will allow the wrestlers to go back to wrestling their own individual styles instead of what I like to call WWE’s “Main Event” style.

  13. Fisha695 says:

    Here is the thing WWE (and the vast majority of the fans) want Mistico to learn the WWE style of wrestling but they won’t give him time. They didn’t send him to FCW and you sure as hell can’t learn a new style of wrestling when you’re on the road 6 days a week. He should’ve spent a few months in FCW before he debuted on WWE TV.

    Heck it could’ve not only let him learn the American style (wrestling from the right instead of the left as Del Rio said.. whatever that means), but it would have let the WWE build him up more as they could’ve taped his FCW matches & put them online. Once he learned the style they could’ve had him run through the FCW Roster Goldberg style showing highlights of the matches online & then brought him up to the big leagues with his “Winning Streak” & Hype from FCW following him.

    That would also allow future wrestlers such as Hunico to come up from FCW with a “Chip on their Shoulder” and feud right away with Mistco who destroyed them when he was in FCW.

    They could’ve played the entire thing off as him (Mistico) being too good for FCW and that he felt he shouldn’t have been there which is why he hired a film crew to get his matches online so the people of the world could see him and crap like that. Sure it would’ve made him more of a heel than a face but I feel it would’ve worked & would’ve let him become a face in the end.

    I think the biggest thing is though that he needs a “Lita”…. Essa Ríos wasn’t super amazing but he had Lita to distract everybody, if they pair Sin Cara with a “Lita” I think it’d help him alot both in giving him a mouthpiece as well as working to distract the fans a bit while he learns the WWE style of wrestling.

  14. DeathNote81 says:

    I like Hunico more. That said, I wouldn’t cut Mistico so soon, esp. not after all the promotion they gave him. They should give him time.

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