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JR comments on the Hardys returning, Punk-Austin, and Lita

More Q&A with Jim Ross via Twitter:

Q. do you think matt and jeff could come back to the wwe?
Jim Ross: They ‘could’ but likely will not.

Q. What do you say are the chances of seeing CM Punk take on Austin at Wrestlemania?
Jim Ross: Slim but not impossible.

Q. you think amy lita dumas a sure fire HOF?
Jim Ross: Absolutely.

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12 Responses

  1. Max says:

    Lita in the hall of fame?? Really??? He’s hot, but not HOF material

  2. Mr.VA says:

    look up lita stats and if u dont think she deserve it you must not have seen much of her career she was far from the average diva.she did moves alot of men wouldnt dare try. so let me ask in your opinion is trish a hall of famer your eyes? what about chyna(w/o thinking about her out of ring activities?

  3. indyman says:

    are you serious? lita not hof marterial? she revolutionized womens wrestling in the wwe. without her women like trish would’nt have been given a chance to compete. she was in numerous main events. two of which she won the womens title. 1st ever womens steel cage fight. only female involved in the famous tlc matches. of course trish has cemented her spot in the hof because she is the first successful diva product wwe product of model turned wrestler. opening doors for kelly, eve, and the bellas. but lita was a wrestler! she made it possible for girls like mickie, and aj lee. she was awesome in the ring and manager who could draw heat as heel, or get a standing ovation as a face so yes she is in the HOF!

  4. Philip says:

    Lita (and Victoria/Tara for that matter) are often overshadowed because Trish was the star and they played second fiddle to her. However, their accomplishments, skills, and their meaning should be rewarded. Women’s pro wrestling was all but dead in the US until them.

  5. Hipnosis says:

    Max: “He’s Hot” who? lol Because I know Lita’s no MAN

  6. Zack says:

    I know! I was about to say! Lita deserves to be in the HOF NOW! Women’s wrestling in WWE likely would have died in 2001 after non-wrestlers like Stephanie McMahon and The Kat held the belt and Chyna quit. Lita saved A LOT of divas by being so talented and over with the crowd. Plus, there would not be any such legacy for Trish Stratus if it didn’t involve Lita. She’s the best. Needs one more match. Not that trashy send off she got back in 2006.

  7. steve says:

    lita r u kiddin me !!!!! ever time that chick did a moonsault she looked like she was about to break her neck. im sorry but she was wayy to sloppy in the ring. no way she is hof.

  8. indyman says:

    what the hell are you talking about? dude lita was a pioneer. this is dumb not even an argument. lita is definitely HOF bound end of story. no point in arguing. want to see botched finishes? look at trish’s matches or mickie’s. they’re great but no one is perfect.

  9. RJ Ace says:

    @Steve – Your argument is so stupid that I’m almost questioning whether you’re just a troll looking for response. Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music hardly ever connected clean, does that mean he isn’t HOF worthy? Lita, Trish, and The Fabulous Moolah are the 3 greatest WWE Womens Champions of all time.

  10. -Jay- says:

    if tammy stench can get in then so can lita.

  11. Vadim Rosenberg says:

    She has to be in HOF!

  12. Riten says:

    People Bring Up Trish – They Think Of Trish Vs Whoever.
    People Bring Up Lita – They Think Of Lita Vs Trish

    Not Putting Lita Down But They Both Cemented Their Legacies Facing Each Other. I Wouldn’t Say Lita Paved Trish’s Way. Wouldn’t Say That About Either Cause It Takes Two To Put On An Amazing Match :)
    Female Version’s Of Rock And Austin. These Where The Face Of The Attitude Era

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