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Jerry Jarrett rips on Vince Russo

Legendary promoter rips Russo: Mike Mooneyham published a story with
Jerry Jarrett among others offering their opinion on TNA’s current
television product. Jarrett, 68, who co-founded the company in 2002,
describes writer Vince Russo as a cancer holding back the television
show. “Until they make radical surgical changes in creative, and unless
they get some people who comprehend the wrestling business, they are
doomed to be the financial drain on Panda (majority owner Panda Energy)
that they are now and have been since inception. The core of their
problems is the creative development of their product. They have to cut
the cancer out.” He added: “(Russo) obviously has qualities that I don’t
recognize or understand… How can a person who has a 15-year history of
failure still keep a job?” Jarrett goes on to describe the hiring of
Russo as a “horrendous mistake” he allowed to happen during his tenure
in the early days of the company. “There are numerous statements where I
tried to tell Jeff what an idiot he was. It was just a problem from Day

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(credit: Wrestling Globe Newsletter, Mike Informer)

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9 Responses

  1. Taupy says:

    I hope TNA will one day get a clue.

  2. -Jay- says:

    Russo keeps a job despite his proven failing record… doesn’t take a genius TNA.

  3. king o'p4in says:

    if anyone has a failing record it’s jerry jarrett. jerry almost ran tna bankrupt…in 3 months, may we not forget that. then his usa championship wrestling, yeah, that was a real success too.. not!. in terms of tna creative, i don’t blame the creative minds, i blame the process and that they need new blood to help russo. the 5 highest drawing tv segments of all time in pro wrestling are written by russo and bischoff. the problem is you need a creative team, not a creative guy. that is where the problem in tna lies. russo can’t do it all by himself but he seriously is a much better writer then people give him credit for.

  4. Steve says:

    Thank you Jerry. Telling it like it is. Please fix this TNA as we need a viable number two option. I’d love to say ROh but at best they have a shot at being the new ECW.

  5. fairfax says:

    I don’t think you can blame Russo for the current stagnation in TNA. There have been so many people, including people who comment on these posts, who have said TNA was so much better when… Well Russo has been the head writer for 95% of TNA’s existence. So chances are when TNA was so much better when… it was still written by Vinnie-Ru. Its just time for Hogan and Flair to step back quite a bit. Sting could be that one veteran as Paul E. explained that can still go and can help make the young guys look good. But Flair needs to A. Face facts and buzz his hair and B. Become a full time manager or C. Step down and become an agent. Same with Hogan. He needs to go home and then be used sporadically like he was in WWE. I’d say that TNA is trying to push younger guys like Phil Shatter and Tommy Mercer but there’s only so much room at the top considering all the old names and old men. Right now I have to give Russo credit for what’s going on in the X-division and the knockouts division. Jerry Jarrett has publicly trashed his own son and the two had a falling out over it that lasted for the better part of ten years. So take what double j senior says with a grain of salt. For all the great angles and things that happened in Memphis during Jerry’s reign there where 1000 things that where absolutely absurd and if you passed them off on tv or tried to anyhow people would crap all over it. Just saying.

  6. Matt Hardy says:

    @King o’p4in – The highest rated segment of all time was a showdown between Hogan and Andre in the 80’s. It had like 15 million viewers. As far as Russo goes, he is a creative guy who had some great ideas. The problem is that he has no clue when it comes to pacing and long term storyline planning. He has stated on many occasions that his goal is to get the biggest tv rating possible. You can have 5 million people a week watching your tv show, but if people aren’t buying ppv’s, merchandise, or attending live events, it doesn’t matter. The crash TV booking style worked in the late 90’s because it was fresh and had never been done before. Alot of the things TNA gets criticized for now, rapid title changes, hot shot main events, weekly face/heel turns, brutal violence, and slutty women, the WWF was doing in the Attitude Era with a huge audience wanting more. Russo hasn’t changed at all with the audience though. Why would someone pay to see a ladder match on PPV if you can see one every other month on Impact? How can you justify giving away Ric Flair vs AJ Styles in a 3 minute throwaway tv match after they had been together for months? How can you justify giving away RVD vs Kurt Angle on free tv with no prior issue between them and not even a week’s buildup? Bischoff and Russo also planned out a storyline for the Main Event Mafia to reunite to face off with Immortal when Booker T and Nash weren’t even under contract and had to rewrite the day before the tv tapings when they showed up in WWE. No long term vision and being too stubborn to change is causing TNA to spin it’s wheels.

  7. Nick says:

    I agree, king. Vince Russo is a fine idea man but the reason he worked so well in WWE was because he had a filter. Someone in charge of him on the writing team would be a strong help, but considering that last I knew it was him, some friend of his, and Bully Ray on creative, a lot needs to be done still.

  8. Captain Ass says:

    You know, I actually want TNA to succeed. It would make WWE have to step up their game and not be so stale, like back in the era of the Monday Night Wars. I put TNA down so much because most of their roster is very talented, but the booking team doesn’t know how to utilize them. It’s sad, really, because WWE does the same thing to a few stars here & there too. It seems that the better the talent, the harder they have to work to get on top, yet guys like Cena who have limited abilities than others but that can talk well has a silver spoon in WWE.

  9. -Jay- says:

    Agreed, good points Captain Ass.

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