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* Del Rio’s biography

Rodriguez began his professional career in 2000 in Mexico under the ring name ‘Dos Caras Jr.’ Dos Caras was a famous Mexican wrestler and the father of Rodriguez, and was very instrumental in getting his son a spot in AAA. Caras Jr. debuted first in May of 2000 but did not compete in a match for AAA until September. While wrestling for AAA, Caras Jr. would frequently go on tours to Japan and in August of 2001, he would compete in his first Mixed Martial Arts match. Caras Jr. faced off and defeated Kengo Watanabe by TKO in the first round, only 53 seconds in. Caras Jr. won with a belly to belly suplex that broke Watanabe’s arm as the ref stopped the fight.

In 2003, Caras Jr. continued to climb the ranks in his Mixed Martial Arts career but faced his biggest test yet. That of Mirko Cro Cop, an established mixed martial artists. The fight took place in Japan and was heavily hyped. Caras Jr. tried to take Cro Cop down several times but never could grasp him. After a straight kick to the head and nearly 40 seconds after the bell rang, Caras Jr. was out and the referee stopped the fight. Caras Jr. would continue to fight and end his MMA career with a respectable 9-5 record.

Caras Jr. signed with CMLL in 2005 and was featured in the 2005 Copa Jr., where he lost in the semi-finals to Dr. Wagner Jr. Caras Jr.’s performance grabbed the attention of many of the bookers and he subsequently received a shot at the CMLL World and CMLL Light Heavyweight Championship in a period of only three weeks. In 2006, Caras Jr. competed in the Copa Jr. again and this time won the tournament, defeating Wagner Jr., Heavy Metal, Apolo Dantes and Hector Garza to win. Cara’s Jr. would go on to win the CMLL World Championship in 2007.

In 2009, Caras Jr. arrived in the WWE and reported to Florida Championship Wrestling. He would go on to become Alberto Banderas, wrestling without his mask. He wrestled once as Dos Caras but without the mask at a live event against Christian. In June of 2010, Caras Jr. was featured in vignettes welcoming a new Superstar to the SmackDown roster. He would go on to be known as Alberto Del Rio, a rich and arrogant Mexican aristocrat who viewed himself as virtuous and powerful. On the August 20th edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Del Rio debuted and ran down longtime WWE Superstar and Mexican legend, Rey Mysterio.A match between the two was booked for the main event of that night. Del Rio came to the ring driving a Rolls Royce and being introduced by his own ring announcer. Del Rio won his debut match for WWE by submission. Del Rio would go on to injure Mysterio the next week and then injure Christian in the following weeks.

At the 2010 Survivor Series, Del Rio was the captain of his own team, facing a team lead by Rey Mysterio. Del Rio was never pinned or made to submit but was knocked out by The Big Show after he tagged out of the match. On the November 26th edition of SmackDown, Del Rio defeated The Big Show by countout to advance to The King of the Ring tournament. In the King of the Ring tournament, Del Rio defeated the United States Champion Daniel Bryan by submission but lost in the Semi-Finals to John Morrison, after he was distracted by Rey Mysterio.

On the NXT Season 3 Finale, Del Rio announced that he would be a Pro on NXT Season 4 to Conor O’Brian. On the first episode of the season, Del Rio and O’Brian teamed together to defeat Daniel Bryan and his Rookie Derrick Bateman in the main event. Del Rio was scheduled to face Rey Mysterio at TLC but the match was scrapped and both men were added to the TLC match between Edge and Kane, who was defending the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge would go on to the win the championship. On the January 7th, 2011 edition of SmackDown, Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio in a Two out of Three Falls Match, ending their feud.

In the weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble match, Del Rio said that it was his destiny to win the match. On January 30th, Del Rio eliminated Randy Orton and then Santino Marella to win the first ever 40 Man Royal Rumble match. As a result, Del Rio would receive a title match at WrestleMania, facing the champion of his choice. The very next night on Raw, Del Rio chose to face the World Heavyweight Champion from SmackDown, Edge. Del Rio would engage in a small feud with the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston, defeating him in a Non-Title match at the Elimination Chamber pay per view. At WrestleMania 27, Del Rio faced Edge for the World Championship in the opening contest but was unsuccessful and fell to a spear from Edge, who retained his championship. On the next edition of SmackDown, Del Rio defeated Christian and earned a shot at Edge’s World Championship at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match. When Edge was shockingly forced to retire, Del Rio then had to face Christian at Extreme Rules. Six days before the match, Del Rio was drafted from SmackDown to Raw but would still have his title match. Del Rio was on his way to the winning the World Title but was distracted by Edge, which allowed Christian to take advantage, climb the ladder and win the World Championship.

Del Rio would then start a small feud with The Big Show, where on the May 23rd edition of Raw, Show was hit in the leg by Del Rio’s car, driven by his ring announcer. The two faced off at Capitol Punishment but The Big Show was attacked by Mark Henry before the bell rang. Del Rio won the contest when the referee stopped the match. On July 17, 2011, Del Rio competed in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the Money in the Bank pay per view. Del Rio and Mysterio fought at the top of a ladder and Del Rio ripped Mysterio’s mask off. Del Rio would climb the ladder and grab the briefcase, giving him a guaranteed championship match anytime he wanted for up to one year. After CM Punk defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship, Vince McMahon called for Del Rio to cash in on him but Punk knocked him out before the bell could ring. Two weeks later, Del Rio attempted to cash in his contract on Rey Mysterio after he defeated The Miz to win the vacant WWE Championship but Mysterio fought him off before the bell could ring.

At the 2011 Summerslam, Del Rio competed in the opening match, teaming with The Miz and R-Truth in a losing effort against John Morrison, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston. Later that night, after CM Punk defeated John Cena to become the Undisputed WWE Champion, Kevin Nash came through the crowd and laid him out with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Del Rio then sprinted to the ring and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. Del Rio hit Punk with a kick to the head and pinned Punk to become the new Undisputed WWE Champion. The next night on Raw, Del Rio defended the WWE Championship for the first time, retaining against Rey Mysterio in the main event.

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