WSU Uncensored Rumble IV DVD Review

Aug 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

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Before you purchase the recent double DVD taping Women Superstars Uncensored announced for order, you need to grab the Uncensored Rumble IV DVD that took place on June 25th to see how the superstars got to the double taping event taped August 6th. Uncensored Rumble IV was offered as an iPPV through GoFightLive.TV and I viewed a rough cut DVD (thanks to Sean McCaffrey), you will purchase the cleaned up and polished version from

WSU Sprit champion Sassy Stephanie vs. Rain

This was my first time seeing Stephanie compete and she is good. Plus her character has a good look which helps her stand out in a locker room of blondes. Rain proved a worthy adversary and I would like to see a rematch.

WSU Tag Team champions the Boston Shore (Lexus & Amber) vs. the Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio)

This was a mandatory rematch from a controversial title change at a NY based event. I have been a fan of the Shore’s gimmick and am happy to see them having success. Wish I could day the same for their challengers as you will find out when you watch the match.

Serena vs. Nikki Roxx

I believe this was not only their first encounter but the first time that two competitors faced off that had their heads shaved (Roxx lost hers in TNA, Serena had it taken by the SES in WWE). TNA & WWE missed the boat with each of these ladies as this was a great match that could have main evented the show. (Cheap plug log onto for archives of interviews with both ladies.)

8 woman elimination match to determine #1 & 23 in Uncensored Rumble, Jana/Amy Lee/Nikki Styx/Jamilia Craft vs. Jennifer Cruz/”the Boy-Diva” Rick Cataldo/Allisyn Kay/Monique

This match is always fun to see who would come out on top of the other 7 competitors. The first person pinned gets the unenviable task of being #1 while the sole survivor gets spot #30. Last year this was won by Jessicka Havok. Styx is a competitor in NYWC and would be a good addition to the WSU roster if she decided to join. I believe Craft has left the US and is now working in Japan. Amy Lee proves no matter what happens in her career she is one tough SOB.

Kristin Astra vs. former WWE superstar Jillian Hall

Astra claimed in her pre-match promo that she was the one who brought Hall to WSU. You need to watch this just to see how things went down. You won’t remember a single moment Jillian Hall had in WWE.

Retirement match, Cindy Rogers vs. Allison Danger

We had Allison on Online World of Wrestling Radio the Tuesday before this encounter and she was emotional, feeling bad this match was even taking place. This was the last match in the career of Ms. Rogers and it’s a great way to exit. It was a special treat since Allison rarely makes appearances on the east coast. The match was excellent and a nice tribute to someone whose career is being ended too short.

Niya vs. Barbie

This was a match scheduled between two up and comers in WSU and I wish them the best in their WSU careers. Too bad they had to be in the ring when Jessicka Havok wanted to be there at the same time.

Uncensored Rules Match, Alicia vs. Jessicka Havok (w/Allisyn Kay)

If you have seen the interwebs you know these two ladies will never be attending a celebratory party for the other. Before this event there was trash talking on & Online World of Wrestling Radio. Weapons were used as well as some vicious hard hitting wrestling holds. No one was safe as these two women brawled all over the ACE Arena including the bleachers. This match had a controversial ending that set up the August 6th match on the 2nd taping session.

WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Brittany Savage

If you have not seen her on DVD or a show near you, Mercedes Martinez has unstoppable since winning the World championship several months ago. Savage has been the same way since she dumped her Cosmo Club pals and dragged Martinez behind her car with the champion wrapped in a bullrope. This match was according to the commentator, was Martinez’s 44th championship defense and it was her toughest against the 2011 J-Cup winner. This too also ended in controversy and was excellent.

The 4th Annual Uncensored Rumble match, winner faces the WSU World champion.

If you read the notes for the August 6th event then you already know who won but it’s still fun to watch this battle. Cindy Rogers joined the commentary table for the match. Here’s the order of entry, you’ll have to watch to see how they exited:

(1)Lexus of the Boston Shore (2) Amber of the Boston Shore (3) Sassy Stephanie (4) Monique (5) Jamilia Craft (6) Jennifer Cruz (7) Barbie (8) Nikki Styx (9) Allysin Kay (10) Rick Cataldo (11) Jessie Blake (12) Marti Belle of the Belle Saints (13) Annie Social (14) Tina San Antonio of the Belle Saints (15) Niya (16) Nikki Roxx (17) Brittany Savage (18) Serena (19) Kristen Astara (20)Rain (21) Jessicka Havok (22) Alicia (23) Amy Lee

After the Uncensored Rumble ended, WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez called out the retiring Cindy Rogers for a celebration with the fans

The next WSU live event is an iPPV called “Breaking Barriers 2” Saturday November 19th from the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ. Already booked are the following:

WSU War Games!!!

Midwest Militia (Jessicka Havok/Allisyn Kay/WSU Spirit champion Sassy Stephanie) vs. Team WSU (WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez/Brittany Savage/Alicia) w/special referee Amy Lee!!

WSU debut former WWE Diva Melina vs. Serena

WSU Tag Team champions Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) vs. International Home Wrecking crew (Rain/Jetta)

Loser Leaves WSU Jennifer Cruz vs. Niya

#1 contenders match, Belle Saints vs. Soul Sistas

NYWC Starlets champion Nikki Styx vs. Rick Cataldo vs. Barbie vs. Jessie Brooks vs. Violet vs. Monique

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