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Aug 19, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

He’s one of the most requested wrestler names sent to Sean Oliver at Kayfabe Commentaries and now he sits down for the YouShoot audience (who thanks to the video submissions, make me feel part of Mensa.) Former ECW/WCW/WWE superstar PERRY SATURN braves the fans questions and reveals tons of stuff never known to fans. Here’s the topic listings: Lost, the Shooting, Drugs, Mike Bell (wrestler Perry shot on), Moppy, Terri Runnels, Sex, Dress, Heat, Potpourri, the Boys, RIP, Radicalz, the Eliminators & reflections.

Saturn went from being an US Army Ranger to being trained by WWE HOF member Killer Kowalski to working in Memphis & ECW as part of the Eliminators, WCW as part of the Flock and eventually the WWE when he walked out of WCW with Dean Malenko and the late Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit. After his WWE career ended Perry’s life went downhill thanks to personal demons and a severe drug habit. He was homeless in three states and Perry goes into detail of saving a woman who was being raped that resulted in him getting shot two times. He admits to having no memory of getting the tattoos on his face or certain matches from his career. The usual ECW names are mentioned including his friendship with Raven that was drug & alcohol fueled at times. Perry tells the funniest story involving Raven, a strap-on appendage, two strippers and a slip & slide. There are some interesting stories on his time in WWE working with such teams as the Hardy Boys & the APA. Not a shock to anyone Saturn does not have kind words for Kevin Sullivan or Mike Graham (see Guest Booker with Graham for his thoughts on Saturn & company.) Perry takes on the traditional YouShoot games like What’s in the Bag, the Ho Bag, What a Dick but for obvious reasons skips the Roll A Joint championship. I am happy to see Saturn is doing great and wish him personal & professional success no matter what he does in his life.

The next YouShoot release is with former ECW star Danny Doring. The next Timeline: History of the WWE release is August 30th with Jim Cornette covering 1997. September 20th is the next release in the Wrestling’s Worst series, the Most Awful Angle. If you want to be part of the next YouShoot with “the Franchise” Shane Douglas, submit it to by August 31st.

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