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WWE and TNA ratings from the UK

Raw July 18 – no ratings available July 25 – 156,000 viewers (in the live airing) August 1 – 129,000 (-27,000/-17%)

SmackDown July 22 – no ratings available July 29 – 128,000 (in the first airing) August 5 – 126,000 (-2,000/-1.5%)

TNA… broke a record twice in three weeks! July 14 Impact (airing on July 19) – drew 282,000 viewers -a new record high (+71,000/+33% on the prior week) July 21 Impact (airing July 26) – drew 231,000 (-51,000/-18%) July 28 Impact (airing on August 2) – drew 297,000 viewers – another record high (+66,000/+29%)

Ian Hamilton

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  1. AttitudeEra12 says:

    TNA’s only popular here in the UK cause it’s free and airs at a good time, while WWE airs live at 2am on Sky Sports which you have to pay for

  2. KP says:

    Sites always post the Live RAW That is on until 4:15am but during the week with its replays and Bottom Line it beats Impact

  3. Really? says:

    No it usually doesn’t. The replays are often in the neighborhood of 30,000 or so viewers, so often don’t even beat Impact combined.

    I don’t know why everyone always wants to make excuses for WWE in the UK. They are a big company and could certainly make themselves available to more viewers if they wanted. In the US, they are on the most popular network on cable, and NOT the most popular show on that network. TNA, on the other hand, are the most popular show on a little-viewed network.

  4. Scott says:

    im sorry claiming TNA is popular because its free to air is ridiculous. WWE programming is terrible and i just watched Raw this week what a terrible show tons of botches the stories never make sense in WWE what so ever. Yep TNA isn’t perfect but i personally enjoy that more then another monday night bore.

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