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Hardcore Justice PPV numbers, TNA firings, WWE/TNA DVDs destroyed

– Hardcore Justice on 8/7, based on early projects, did in the 7,500 buy rating on PPV.

– TNA cut a few offices employees – Al Ovedia, the Vice President of Marketing and PR director Steven Godfrey.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Warehouses that stored both TNA and WWE DVDs for the U.K. market were destroyed in a fire caused by the London riots last week.

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  1. jason says:

    Before people start saying the TNA is “going out of business” nonsense…EVERYONE is losing their jobs in this terrible U.S. economy we are in. The people at TNA losing their jobs are joing other people who are losing their jobs in othe fields of occupation.

  2. kurrgan says:

    7500 buys fior hardcor Justice? Not bad, not bad at all. According to my calculator, that would be $910,000.00 made form the ppv with purchases. Close to a million bucks for TNA…cool!

  3. C-Dogg says:

    LOL at Kurrgan’s math! 7,500 buys equals to $300,000 for TNA. Not good at all.

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