Video: Steamboat’s car broken into

Aug 16, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Professional wrestler Richard Blood Jr. had his car broken into in the Dilworth area on Monday.

Blood was at a restaurant off of East Boulevard when his passenger side window was broken and a Louis Vuitton purse and wallet, checkbook, watch, Ipod touch, baby shower invitations, credit cards and driver license were all taken from his vehicle, according to the police report.

The total value of property stolen is $1,703, according to the report.

Blood is a professional wrestler for WWE and goes by the wrestling name of Ricky Steamboat Jr.

Blood’s father, Richard Blood, Sr., is also a professional wrestler, known as Ricky Steamboat.

Police are investigating the crime.

(thanks to Mike Carpenter and Mike Informer)

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