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WWE Summerslam PPV
August 14, 2011
Los Angeles, California
Report by: Adam Martin of

The WWE opening promo plays.

Adam Jones of Tool opens the show playing the National Anthem.

A video package runs focusing on Summerslam in Los Angeles and tonight's WWE Undisputed Championship match between John Cena and CM Punk with Triple H as the special guest referee.

A graphic opening welcoming us to the 24th annual Summerslam. We go live to the Staples Center in Los Angeles where a huge display of pyro goes off.

The Miz is on his way out to kick off the show with a mic in hand. He thanks everyone for the support in getting him on the card tonight and promises to steal the show the only way he can. R-Truth interrupts Miz. Truth mentions Cee Lo Green singing at Summerslam tonight and how his name starts with the letter C – just like conspiracy. Out next is Alberto Del Rio. Big reaction for Del Rio. Kofi Kingston is out next. Out next is John Morrison. Rey Mysterio is out last to finish up the entrances for this six man tag. Michael Cole, Booker T and Jerry Lawler are on commentary tonight.

Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth

We start with Miz and Kofi Kingston. Kingston with a big monkey flip and dropkick combo on Miz. Tag to John Morrison. Morrison and Kingston drop Miz on his face and both flip up at the same time. Miz kicks Morrison in the face. Tag to R-Truth. Morrison tackles Truth. Truth drops Morrison with a big right hand. Truth with a snapmare into a headlock on Morrison. Tag to Miz who applies a headlock on Morrison as well. Morrison with a big kick to the head of Miz. Tag to Kingston who hits a few dropkicks on Miz followed by his springboard crossbody from the corner. Kingston drops Truth on the ring apron and takes out Miz with a jumping clothesline. Kingston with the Boom Drop on Miz. Kingston with S.O.S. on Miz, but Del Rio breaks up the pin. Del Rio drops Mysterio with a huge kick off the ring apron. Morrison takes out Del Rio on the outside. Miz with a modified stunner on Kingston driving his head down to the mat like a DDT. Truth gets the tag and drops Kingston with a front suplex. Del Rio gets the tag and kicks Kingston in the back. Del Rio with a back suplex on Kingston. Del Rio mocks Kingston and Kingston kicks him away crawling to the corner. Miz with the tag and cuts off Kingston. Miz with a quick clothesline on Kingston. Kingston counters a rollup from Miz into a foot stomp over the chest of Miz. Hot tag to Rey Mysterio who hits a springboard crossbody on Truth. Mysterio with a roll through and a kick to Truth's face. Mysterio sends Truth into the ropes. Miz is next. Del Rio trips up Mysterio when he hits the ropes. Morrison with a corkscrew dive over Del Rio. Mysterio hits a 619 on Truth. Miz dodges it. Kingston takes out Miz off the top rope. Mysterio hits his springboard body splash over Truth and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston

After the match, we see replays of the finish.

Backstage, WWE Champion CM Punk is talking with John Laurinaitis. John wants a public apology from Punk for kicking him in the head on Monday Night Raw. Punk apologizes sarcastically and gives a fake smile. Stephanie McMahon walks up and wishes Punk good luck tonight. Punk says, “You came here to wish me luck?” He tells her to run along to her husband. She said Triple H wishes him luck…and her father. Punk said she is still idiotic. Stephane says good luck extending her hand. Punk says, “I would but ah…I know where that hand has been.”

A video package runs hyping Mark Henry vs. Sheamus.

Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

Mark Henry drops Sheamus early with a quick shoulder block. Sheamus fights back with a few right hands and body shots. Henry drops Sheamus with two big headbutts. Sheamus fights back with big forearms to the back of Henry getting a big reaction from the crowd in Los Angeles. Henry quickly tosses Sheamus over the top rope. Henry picks up Sheamus on the outside and tosses him back in with ease. Henry then levels Sheamus with a big clothesline and follows it with a body splash. Henry tosses Sheamus against the ropes and then drops his body over the back and head of Sheamus. Sheamus attempts a comeback, but Henry drops Sheamus over his knee. Henry sends Sheamus chest first into the corner. Henry misses a corner splash. Sheamus with axe handle shots to the chest of Henry. He finally drops Henry after hitting the ropes and jumping at Henry hitting another axe handle shot. Sheamus drops knees over the body of Henry. Sheamus gets Henry tied up in the ropes and Sheamus hits a few forearms to the chest. Sheamus with a knee lift, but both men collide in the middle of the ring. Sheamus is up top and connects with a flying shoulder block. Henry dodges the Brouge Kick. Sheamus comes back and connects with it on his second attempt. Henry falls to the outside. Sheamus struggles to pick up Henry. Henry fights back, picks up Sheamus, launches him into the steel ring post back first and then tosses Sheamus with force into the ring barricade breaking it down! The referee had already started the count. Sheamus is crawling towards the ring in pain. The referee gets to 10 and calls for the bell.

Winner via countout: Mark Henry

After the match, Sheamus rolls in the ring and Mark Henry heads up the ramp. They show a replay of Henry throwing Sheamus through the ring barricade.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Christian. He promises to stay champion tonight and knows something no one else does. Christian says since we are in Hollywood, he compares himself to Harry Potter as a strong franchise and says Randy Orton is like the movie “Cowboys & Aliens” – a flop.

Cee Lo Green performs “Bright Lights Bigger City” for the crowd in Los Angeles. They bring out the WWE Divas as Green performs “Forget You.”

WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly (c) w/ Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya

Kelly with some big elbows to Beth early on. Kelly with her tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown. Kelly back flips and locks her boots around the head of Beth on the ring apron. Kelly with a flying clothesline from the corner. Beth drops Kelly with a big clothesline. Big cheers for Beth from the crowd. Beth lifts up Kelly and drops her over the top rope. Beth body bumps Kelly in the head in the corner. Beth twirls Kelly around over her shoulder. Beth with a modified torture rack on Kelly. Kelly falls back with a neckbreaker on Beth. Beth picks up Kelly and throws her into the corner into a tree of woe. Kelly fights back, but Beth drops her in a side slam. Beth misses a kick to Kelly on the ring apron and Kelly drops her head first off the ropes. Kelly stomps Beth's face into the mat a few times firing up. Kelly flips into Beth in the corner. Beth counters looking to drop Kelly down face first when Kelly counters into a rollup for the win.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Kelly Kelly and Eve take off to the ramp as Beth Phoenix and Natalya look on upset.

Backstage, we see Stephanie McMahon leaving John Cena's locker room.

Backstage, R-Truth is talking with Jimmy Hart about how tonight was another conspiracy. Hart said Truth needs someone like him to look out for him. Truth realizes he is Little Jimmy. Hart takes off. Truth walks off upset and we see a shot of Ron Artest looking on confused with his daughter backstage.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett goes after Daniel Bryan with some big right hands into a headlock early on. Bryan catches Barrett with a knee to the gut. Bryan with big uppercuts to Barrett. Bryan drops Barrett with a quick dropkick. Bryan drops Barrett down and starts stretching him Stu Hart style. Bryan catches Barrett with another dropkick. Bryan with a Dragon Screw on Barrett. Bryan with a dropkick to the face of Barrett in the corner. Bryan then applies a surfboard and stomps Barrett's knees off the mat a few times. Bryan with a kick to the chest. Barrett catches Bryan with a swinging side slam. Barrett bounces Bryan off the top rope and then drops Bryan off his knee. Bryan with another quick clothesline. Barrett responds with a flying elbow to the side of the head. Barrett with a sick looking big boot sending Bryan to the outside. Both are brawling on the ring apron. Bryan sends Barrett into the ring barricade and then catches Barrett with a flying knee to the face jumping off the ring apron. Back in the ring, Bryan catches Barrett coming off the top rope. Bryan with kicks to the legs of Barrett. Bryan with repeated kicks to the chest of Barrett that he closes out with a huge kick to the head. Bryan counters a Wasteland attempt into a guillotine choke. Bryan breaks it and gets the LeBell Lock applied. Barrett reaches the ropes to break it up. Bryan with more kicks to the chest of Barrett. Barrett crotches Bryan up on the top rope and then clotheslines him off the ropes. Barrett with Wasteland on Bryan and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Wade Barrett

We are shown a shot of National Guard members at ringside.

A video package runs hyping Christian vs. Randy Orton.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – No Holds Barred Match

Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton

Before the match, Christian grabs a mic and says he has an announcement. He introduces the man that will be in his corner tonight: the Rated R Superstar and his best friend, Edge. Huge reaction for Edge. He reminders everyone that doctor's said he would never be cleared again to compete in a WWE ring. Edge said when he left, he was happy and he felt he was part of passing the torch to Christian. He said no one deserved to become the World Heavyweight Champion more than him. Edge added it wasn't fair that Teddy Long made him defend his title just days later…but Christian continued to complain week after week. He puts over Christian becoming a 2-time champion, but by disqualification? Edge said not to get him wrong, he did bad things in his career, but he did it with style and wasn't boring. He said he didn't hide behind suits and contracts. Edge said along the way, Christian has become a disgrace to himself. He said Christian needs to hear this…he didn't know his best friend would becoming a whining, moaning, crying little bitch. Edge drops the mic and heads to the back.

We got ring introductions for the challenger Randy Orton and champion Christian.

The bell rings and here we go. The two exchange shots early on. Orton with a clothesline. Christian with a flying elbow off the top. Orton drops Christian and gets in a few stomps to the body. Christian pushes Orton up against the ropes and stands over Orton's back applying pressure. Orton attempts his DDT through the ropes, but Christian counters and tosses Orton over the top rope. On the outside, Orton tosses Christian into the ring barricade. Orton clears the main announce table and attempts an RKO over it, but Christian counters. Christian grabs his belt and runs into the crowd. Orton catches up to him on the arena steps and they start brawling. Orton pushes Christian back down ringside and tosses him in the ring. Orton with right hands to Christian in the corner. Christian grabs a kendo stick after dropping Orton in the ring quickly. Christian drives it into the body of Orton and then cracks it across his back and chest a few times. Christian then starts choking Orton with it. Orton fights back with an uppercut. Christian catches him with an elbow coming off the ropes. Orton with a close rollup. Christian with a spinebuster. Orton is bleeding in his mouth. Christian grabs the kendo stick again. Christian is up top, looks to hit Orton with the kendo stick, but Orton counters with a dropkick. Orton with a series of clotheslines and a powerslam. Christian with big boots to Orton in the corner. Orton with a rollup for a two count. Christian slaps Orton, hits the ropes and Orton catches with him a Thesz press. Christian counters a DDT attempt through the ropes. Orton comes back dropping Christian off his back in a reverse neckbreaker. Orton backs up for a punt in the corner. Christian rolls out, trips up Orton, grabs his legs, but Orton pulls Christian face first into the steel ring post.

Orton pulls out two tables from under the ring. He puts one in the ring and when he comes back out, Christian drives him into the ring and Christian sets up the other table near the ring. Both are now up on the ring apron and now up top on the turnbuckle. Orton with a superplex on Christian over the top of the table that wasn't setup in the middle of the ring. Orton puts the table up in the corner. Christian with a reverse DDT on Orton. Christian misses a spear, counters an RKO and sends Orton over the top rope. On the outside, Orton sends Christian into the steel ring steps flipping over. Orton grabs the bottom part of the steel steps and puts them up against the ring. Christian sends Orton face first into it. Christian clears the Spanish announce table and hits Orton in the head with a TV monitor. Christian puts a dazed Orton on top of the table. Christian picks up Orton, looks to hit his own RKO, but Orton counters and hits the RKO on Christian crashing through the table. Christian pulls himself back in the ring. Orton rolls back in as well. Christian with the Killswitch. Real close count. They show a replay and it looked extremely close. Christian bails and grabs two steel chairs back to the ring. Christian puts a chair under Orton's head. He spits in Orton's face and attempts a conchairto. Orton moves. Orton grabs a chair and cracks it over the back of Christian. Orton uses the chair to hit Christian in the body with it sending Christian off the ring apron crashing through the table at ringside. Orton brings the steel steps in and starts tossing trash cans and kendo sticks into the ring. Orton tosses Christian back in. Orton with a powerslam on Christian through the table in the corner. It looks like Orton cut his hand during that spot. Orton grabs a kendo stick and breaks it hitting Christian over the back with it two times.

Orton grabs Christian through the ropes and gives him a DDT over a trash can. Orton is firing up for an RKO. When Christian stands up, he hits Orton in the face with a kendo stick. Christian springboards off the corner and Orton catches him with an RKO over the steel steps! Orton with the cover and gets the win.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, we see various highlights leading to the finish. Back live, Randy Orton is up on the turnbuckle and is holding up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We see a shot of WWE officials helping Christian to the back.

A video package runs showing WWE in Los Angeles this week to promote Summerslam.

Backstage, we see a shot of Triple H in his referee shirt talking with his wife Stephanie McMahon.

A video package runs hyping John Cena vs. CM Punk.

Undisputed WWE Championship
Special guest referee: Triple H
John Cena vs. CM Punk

Big reaction for CM Punk. Booker T on commentary referred to Punk as “stone cold bad.” During Cena's entrance, he looked in the camera and said, “This is where I started. I used to walk the concourse of this place.” Another big reaction for Cena. We got ring introducions for the champions CM Punk and John Cena.

Triple H calls for the bell and here we go. Amazing atmosphere in Los Angeles tonight. Crowd is fired up. Punk with a headlock, quick shoulder block and Cena is back up. A loud “LETS GO CENA – CENA SUCKS” chant. Cena with a headlock takedown and shoulder block. Loud “CM PUNK” chant starts up as Punk smiles. Cena with a snapmare into a headlock. Punk catches Cena with a quick side kick and then applies a body scissors submission. Cena with a knee to the gut and gutwrench powerbomb that looked pretty ugly. Cena with a quick snap suplex. Cena with a quick scoop slam and elbow combo on Punk. Cena goes back to a headlock. Punk with a quick big boot on Cena. Punk with a knee to the gut as Cena came off the ropes. Punk goes back to the body scissors submission. Punk with a dropkick that sends Cena to the outside. Cena recovers and rolls back in. Punk with a quick charge to the body of Cena and follows that up with a kick to the body. Punk with an abdominal stretch that Cena counters into a side slam. Crowd starts a “FRUITY PEBBLES” chant. Punk catches Cena with a high knee to the head. Cena with a series of shoulder blocks and Punk counters the twisting powerbomb. Punk with the high knee, but Cena counters the bulldog into his twisting powerbomb. Punk tries to counter the five knuckle shuffle. Cena holds onto Punk's leg and attempts an STF. Punk counters out and gets Cena locked in a modified triangle. Cena breaks out and gets in a headlock choke. Punk with an anaconda vice on Cena. Cena counters back into an STF. Punk turns his body and gets his foot on the bottom rope. Punk dumps Cena over the top rope. Punk with a suicide dive to Cena through the ropes. Both men are down. Triple H starts the count. He gets to 10, but decides to stop the count and tosses both men back in the ring to keep this match going. The fans cheer this on.

Cena and Punk exchange shots. They boo on Cena offense and cheer for Punk offense. Some chops now. Punk dodges an AA. Cena with a huge dropkick on Punk! Cena with the five knuckle shuffle. Punk counters an AA with a close rollup. Punk catches Cena with a kick to the back of the head. Punk with a cover and Cena kicks out. Cena counters a GTS attempt. Cena with a big powerslam and gets a two count after a pinfall attempt. Cena starts going up top and Punk catches him with a high knee. Punk catches Cena with a bulldog off the second rope, covers and gets a two count. Punk is on the ring apron, springboards up, Cena side steps him and gets the STF locked in. Punk is screaming out in pain. Punk is pulling himself to the ropes. Punk gets the bottom rope. Cena with an AA. Cena hooks the leg…1…2…Punk kicks out with force. Cena can't believe it. Cena thinks it was 3 and argues with Triple H a little bit. Cena tells Triple H not to make any mistakes. Cena goes back up top. Punk side steps the leg drop attempt. Punk with the GTS. Punk hooks the leg…1…2…Cena gets a shoulder up. Punk is staring at Triple H shocked. Punk is favoring his left knee. Punk pulls Cena towards the corner. Punk is going up top, slaps his knee and connects with a flying elbow. Punk hooks the leg and Cena gets another shoulder up after two. A loud “RANDY SAVAGE” chant starts up. Punk argues with Triple H regarding the count. Cena with a small package for a two count. Punk catches Cena with another knee to the chest. Cena with big right hands. Punk with a kick to the gut and another high knee to the jaw. Punk has Cena up for the GTS and connects! Punk hooks the leg, Cena's foot is on the rope and Triple H counts the pinfall. Michael Cole is yelling at Triple H that Cena's foot was on the bottom rope.

Winner and Undisputed WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, Triple H grabs the WWE Championship and hands it to CM Punk. Back in the ring, John Cena is arguing with Triple H about his foot being on the bottom rope. Outside the ring, Punk is standing up on the announce table holding up the WWE Championship. Punk gets back in the ring and Triple H holds up his arm. Triple H leaves the ring clapping for Punk. As Punk is celebrating, Kevin Nash hits the ring and levels Punk with a clothesline. Nash grabs Punk and hits the Jacknife Powerbomb. Triple H comes running back down the ramp asking what is going on. Nash bails into the arena crowd.

Alberto Del Rio is walking down the ramp with his “Money in the Bank” briefcase with a new referee.

WWE Championship
CM Punk (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Punk is just starting to sit up as Del Rio nails him with a kick to the head. Del Rio gets the pin.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio

At ringside, Triple H is shocked and having words with the new referee. Alberto Del Rio celebrates at the top of the ramp holding up the WWE Championship as the PPV goes off the air from Los Angeles.


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53 Responses

  1. AJ Starr says:

    I have never read such a horrific crap-fest in my entire life.

    The biggest angle of the year ruined by a retired wrestler, and a guy who should never be past midcard status.

    Way to go, WWE… you ruined your credibility in record time.

  2. James says:

    Christian vs Randy Orton was the highlight of the night IMO. Good match. A solid B PPV. Can’t say that I didn’t see the Alberto Del Rio cash in not coming.

  3. Jono K says:

    I don;t really know what to say… Is Nash there because they couldn’t get anyone else??

  4. haidar says:

    @aj starr
    what u on about

    that was a great payper view
    one of the best endings ever

    its something different

    u are a tool

  5. anthony says:

    CM Punk should enjoy the moment of being the Undisputed WWE champion.
    What is the business of Kevin Nash to CM Punk? Maybe they had history before.
    So it’s gonna be Mysterio vs. Del Rio on Raw. That should be exciting.

  6. mshelez says:

    Damn Nash! Damn DelRio! I already hated DelRio and didn’t realize I had that much hatred left for him, but I dug down deep and found some. grrrrr

    BTW, Nash had said something on twitter recently to Punk about being backup for Punk if he wanted him to be backup. I’m wondering if that is going to be worked into this somehow.

  7. RS says:

    I’m with AJ Starr. The entire show’s results were horrible. Bryan should’ve won so they can build him to being a world champion, Christian should’ve won cause Orton winning is just bull, and Punk shouldn’t have lost that way. The Punk/Cena angle was going SO well but they ruined it by having Del Rio cash in tonight. They COULD have waited til the angle was played out THEN had him do it but no. They ruined it. Plus, that barbie doll Kelly Kelly is still a champion? BULL! And Sheamus losing a PPV match by countout? MORE BULL!

    The only match I was pleased with overall was the 6-man tag. And that’s saying something. Overall, while some of the matches were good, the endings/results were not. WWE needs to work on that big time.

  8. Rex Anderson says:

    Alberto Del Rio as champion? People, if you think JBL was boring as champion, be paitent ADR is going to wow you with the armbar and gold God like tights. Then you bring in Papa Smurf Kevin Nash, ill stop thats too easy.

  9. -Jay- says:

    Hahaha way to go Nash and he didn’t tear his quad in the process…ironic he was saying he’d watch Punk’s back via twitter, glad the title is on del rio rather than both cena or punk.

  10. AJ Starr says:

    Sorry Haidar, but the opinion is majority, and seeing as how you couldn’t be bothered to use your Shift key, or even be bothered to spell half of what you said correctly, I am going to assume you fall under the label of “armchair quarterback.”

    They just spend all this time building up this “most historic WWE Title Match” ever… and ruined it in minutes.

    And low and behold… instead of just being a corporate figurehead… Triple H has to pull a heel turn and be the new Vince McMahon… also in record time.

    What a waste, WWE had it’s most potential in over a decade and they decided to just throw it away.

    Guess I know what my next column will be about; No one being able to realize what made WCW go down the drain.

    Does anyone realize WWE has had some of the shortest World Title reigns in history in the last few months? Disgraceful.

  11. bob says:

    why orton ???


  12. Rex Anderson says:

    Not only was the show terrible you insulted 4 world champions in one night. Do me a favor WWE check your local listings for some ROH action and get some new ideas

  13. Kevin says:

    Summer Sham. Absolutely atrocious booking by WWE. Del Rio has no charisma or crowd reaction and barely even deserves to be a jobber.

  14. chris says:

    Okay, all your WWE kool-aid drinking dimwits. Those that bash TNA all the time. How does one justify tonight’s PPV ending? Yeah, HHH and Nash were a Faction, but years ago.

    Way to crap all over the one major angle you guys have built, WWE. I’ve been in this business for 11 years, seen some really bad booking…but nothing beats this. AJ Starr was right, way to kill your creditbility, WWE.

    Oh, and way to go back to the safety blanket of having Orton as the world champ.

    I can’t wait for Monday Night Football!

  15. Brock says:

    Nash takes the money and plays bodyguard for del rio? I like it!

  16. Michael says:

    Don’t forget that this ending was seen from a mile away with the WWE Mexico tour coming up. Can’t say I am thrilled with it but I do think it will be interesting to see why Nash got involved (but only interesting for a few seconds). One of the greatest story lines in years gone in a months time. I miss the days when WWE only had a handful of PPV’s a year and spent months building up masterful story lines. Way to take the browns to the Superbowl WWE!!!

  17. AJ Starr says:

    Ah yes, almost forgot about Orton… who trashed WWE in an interview AGAIN this past week, being rewarded with the World Title again.

    I bet Orton could pull a Chris Benoit, and they’d release a “Memorial to Randy Orton DVD.”

  18. DJ Reign says:

    Wow ppv with commercials and movie trailer felt like a normal WWE tv show… Dirt sheets already said Del Rio getting the belt before Mexico tour… CM Punk/Del Rio feud? Did Stephanie have something to do with Nash coming out since Punk talked smack and setting up Del Rio to cash in?

  19. Shacoria J. says:

    Hmm have to say del rio winning not shocking i shouldve put money on it though. I’m pissed though that once again the wwe has dropped the ball in the divas division. Whats the point of pushing actual divas, when u keep the belt on an air head? Hopefully beth gets a rematch tomorrow and wins the belt.

  20. -Jay- says:

    Hey now Punk can come out and complain some more and echo the “WWE you blew it rants” they are keeping his anti-corporate gimmick alive and giving him more fuel.

  21. dc guy says:

    If u dont like it dont watch it duhh omg ppl cry all the time stfu

  22. haidar says:

    @aj starr
    i hate randy orton just as musch kofi kingston does

    but that ending was so unpredictable

    thats y im happy

  23. AJ Starr says:

    How was it unpredictable? WWE has a tour in Mexico coming up, and practically said several times out loud on TV he was winning the Title.

    Sorry, I think you’re the only one who didn’t see it coming.

  24. Drew says:

    I haven’t been so angered by the end of a wrestling ppv in a long time, and thats a good thing, bc storylines should bring out emotion in their fans so its a step in the right direction! This should build up a feud between punk and hhh, as punk would want to know why one of hhh’s kliq buddies got involved in the match, so this could become Austin vs McMahon 2.0

  25. shaneo says:

    @aj starr well aren’t you so quick to badmouth this pay per view!! i watched it and enjoyed it. you say they ruined the best angle they have, w/o even WATCHING THE MATCH?!?!??!!?? so i guess you can see into the future and tell us whats going to happen. no, you don’t have the slightest clue. this is a story thats yet to have an ending. lost of possibilities tomorrow on raw to continue this program. possibly the finish of the cena/punk match we nullify the del rios win? maybe we will still have 2 champions with punk losing his and cena gets to keep his, considering he shouldnt have lost, maybe we will have 3 champs (unlikely)? maybe nash is in on something with hhh because punk been badmouthing his wife for 6 weeks?!?!?!? thats the beauty of this ppv as it leaves a lot of maybes to an ongoing story!!!! jeez u sound like a little girl when you bitch. its like the end of the world or something..

    stone cold was the hottest wrestler of all time when he won his first title, guess how long he lasted before he dropped the belt. 3 WHOLE MONTHS!! thats it. everyone bitched yet the wwf put the title on him the next night. that point of reminding u of the past is that u never know what goin to happen. not even you. so stop whining and just enjoy. this is the first time a lot of fans have been interested in a LOONGGGGG time.



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