WWE SUMMERSLAM: Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix (WWE Divas Title)

Aug 14, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly (c) w/ Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya

Kelly with some big elbows to Beth early on. Kelly with her tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown. Kelly back flips and locks her boots around the head of Beth on the ring apron. Kelly with a flying clothesline from the corner. Beth drops Kelly with a big clothesline. Big cheers for Beth from the crowd. Beth lifts up Kelly and drops her over the top rope. Beth body bumps Kelly in the head in the corner. Beth twirls Kelly around over her shoulder. Beth with a modified torture rack on Kelly. Kelly falls back with a neckbreaker on Beth. Beth picks up Kelly and throws her into the corner into a tree of woe. Kelly fights back, but Beth drops her in a side slam. Beth misses a kick to Kelly on the ring apron and Kelly drops her head first off the ropes. Kelly stomps Beth’s face into the mat a few times firing up. Kelly flips into Beth in the corner. Beth counters looking to drop Kelly down face first when Kelly counters into a rollup for the win.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Kelly Kelly and Eve take off to the ramp as Beth Phoenix and Natalya look on upset.

Backstage, we see Stephanie McMahon leaving John Cena’s locker room.

Backstage, R-Truth is talking with Jimmy Hart about how tonight was another conspiracy. Hart said Truth needs someone like him to look out for him. Truth realizes he is Little Jimmy. Hart takes off. Truth walks off upset and we see a shot of Ron Artest looking on confused with his daughter backstage.

* Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett is up next.

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