Summerslam preview and predictions

Aug 13, 2011 - by staff

Summerslam will emanate for the third straight year at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Currently, the card features five matches but this pay per view is really an one match show.

The first match is SmackDown Money in the Bank Winner Daniel Bryan going one on one with Wade Barrett. This match has been building since Bryan won Money in the Bank, kicking Barrett off of a ladder right before grabbing the briefcase. Two weeks later on SmackDown after Barrett badmouthed Bryan, he was approached by the submission expert and blasted him with a cheapshot. Bryan got the last laugh though, placing Barrett in his Lebell Lock and forcing the bareknuckle brawler to tap out. On the past edition of SmackDown, Barrett attacked Bryan after Bryan had an extremely physical match with the Raw Money in the Bank winner, Alberto Del Rio. As for my thoughts, this match should be pretty good and is pretty interesting. Daniel Bryan was Wade Barrett’s first opponent on WWE television and these two faced off on different teams at last year’s Summerslam. In picking this match, I think I’ll go with Daniel Bryan and that’s the logical choice in my opinion. I believe Bryan will win the World Championship when he cashes it in, as will Del Rio so they need to give both men big victories. A victory over guys like Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd is good, but going over Wade Barrett, a real villain and a guy that main evented four straight pay per views last year into this year, will get him over just a little bit more.

Next up is the Divas Championship match. Kelly Kelly defending against Beth Phoenix. Well, really Kelly has no chance. I think a match between these two has been in the works for a while and Kelly is not very good in the ring. Hard to believe that she is the Divas Champion but all she did was beat someone just as bad as her. Beth Phoenix probably wins this match and does so in maybe four or five minutes. The WWE shouldn’t drop the ball on this Beth Phoenix-Natalya angle. It’s the best Divas angle since Kharma debuted back in May.

The next match should be pretty good, or pretty good by Mark Henry’s standards as he faces the ‘Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus. Sheamus has slowly turned over the past few weeks and agreed to face Henry, after he injured The Big Show and Kane in succession. This may be the best Mark Henry has looked in the entirety of his WWE contract. He went from a Olympian to a member of the Nation of Domination to being involved romantically with Mae Young. I think it makes sense to put Henry over Sheamus here. The only thing that stops it is that Henry would probably try to break the leg of Sheamus after the match and that can’t happen. Sheamus would probably have to attack Henry post match to do so. I think the WWE is setting Henry up to have a huge match with either Kane or The Big Show, where Henry will take his beating. We shall see though. I’m going to pick Henry for the upset but thinking Sheamus will probably get the last laugh on him after the match.

Now on to the two World Title matches. First, the World Heavyweight Champion Christian defends against Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred match. I was mildly surprised when Christian won the World Championship at Money in the Bank but I knew that it had to happen again since they kept having match after match at pay per views. The No Holds Barred element is different than all other matches between the two so far and will add something new to something that is getting a bit stale. I think Christian will find a way to retain the World Championship here but just beware Christian fans. I don’t think it will happen, but if he is in bad shape following the match, you may see a cash in by Daniel Bryan. Like I said, I don’t think it will happen just yet but anything is possible with the WWE.

Finally, the WWE Champion CM Punk defends against the WWE Champion John Cena in a match that will decide the Undisputed WWE Champion. This is that match that the pay per view is all about. This angle between Punk and Cena is absolutely amazing but that impending doom of Triple H being the referee is a bit bothersome. I’d like to think that Punk will win the match but with all of the talk going around a possible Punk-Triple H match, than that means Punk will not be defending his title in that match more than likely. The ending right now is almost as unpredictable as the ending for Money in the Bank. Will Triple H turn on Punk or will he turn on Cena? It seems like one of those possibilities will be what occurs. I also hear a lot of talk of Del Rio cashing in at the end of the match but for some reason, I don’t see it happening. I am going to choose CM Punk but this match can easily go either way.

I hope that another match will be added to the show but if it’s only these five than it should be fine. Last year’s Summerslam lacked that certain element. Everything was sort of predictable and past the return of Daniel Bryan, there wasn’t much to say for the show. it featured the usual endings for the WWE Title match and the main event Nexus vs. Team WWE match. I’d like to think that the WWE will stay on the roll that they have since Money in the Bank and throw a few pleasant surprises out way. After all Summerslam is supposed to be the biggest pay per view other than WrestleMania so hopefully they make it seem that way. Thank you all for reading and feel free to post any comments that you want to.

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