Lucha Libre Notes: Hector Garza, Jushin Thunder, Tiffany

Aug 13, 2011 - by Kris Zellner

– EMLL held a press conference on Thursday where they announced the tecnico turns of Atlantis & Hector Garza and finalized the Torneo Parejas Suicidas for the minis that takes place on 8/21. Atlantis showed up with Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. and announced that they are now a full-time trio taking the old Los Justicieros del Ring name that Blue Demon Sr., Medico Asesino, Mil Mascaras, Rayo de Jalisco Sr., & Tinieblas used in the early 70’s. Shocker was very upset by this saying that Atlantis stole his proteges from the Forjando un Idolo tournament a couple of months ago and hinted at a rudo turn forming his own trio to counter them.

– Hector Garza said that he has declared war on the rudos notably Ultimo Guerrero & Volador Jr. and he has a couple of friends that will assist him in this quest.

– The teams also were announced for the Torneo Parejas Suicidas for the minis on 8/21 and they are

Aerero & Nitrito
Astral & Pequeno Violencia
Bam Bam & Pierrothito
Electrico & Mercurio
Maximito & Pequeno Halcon
Mini Fantasy & Pequeno Warrior
Shockercito & Pequeno Olimpico
Ultimo Dragoncito & Universito Dos Mil

– Other notes from the press conference was that they promised that every Friday night in September at Arena Mexico would be a big show featuring lighting matches with the big stars. They also announced that Jushin Thunder Liger would be coming back in on 9/14 but this time as a tecnico which is interesting since he still has unfinished business with La Sombra.

– Rafael el Maya is very upset with the wrestlers/referees union in Mexico right now because they won’t give him any monetary assistance while he is awaiting clearance to return to work by his doctors. EMLL told him he must wait for the clearance so when he asked for some help he was told that since his condition didn’t happen in the ring he can’t get anything and he also said that some of the wrestlers want to have a benefit show for him but the union is blocking that as well.

– Tiffany who has been working with a bad shoulder for a few weeks finally got surgery recently and will be out of action for a couple of months but promised when she returned she would be coming for her former friend Estrellita.

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