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Matt Hardy refutes report that TNA asked him to attend rehab

Matt Hardy has shrugged off claims that TNA didn’t bring Jeff and himself
back on television because they refused to go to rehab. Responding to a
report on a wrestling website regarding these claims, Hardy wrote on Twitter
that it is not the case at all, and left it at that. Later, he wrote that
his time away from TNA has been a blessing in disguise as it allowed him to
heal – both physically and mentally – and clean up his life. “But I know the
real deal about myself & Jeff when I look in the mirror, & I’m ecstatic
about where we’re both at,” Hardy wrote. Both brothers have been off
television for a couple of months now. Jeff’s last match was on March 13 at
the Victory Road pay-per-view where he was defeated by Sting in a minute and
a half. He showed up intoxicated and under no condition to perform and was
sent home after the show. Matt has been out of TNA since June when he
announced that he was taking some time off, later revealed to be actually a
suspension by the company.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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11 Responses

  1. -Jay- says:

    Matt is almost as brilliant as Dixie Carter.

  2. Criss Brian says:

    Lose theHardy’s, Dixie, and Russo, and safety will follow for TNA!

  3. Kerry says:

    Criss Brian – You forgot to mention Hogan & Bischoff. But back on topic, does Matt really think anything he says now is credible? I think not.

  4. RJ Ace says:

    He wasn’t intoxicated against Sting. We’re all overreacting and the dirtsheets have been wrong every single time. Jeff Hardy was never even actually arrested, it was all a big misunderstanding and blown out of proportion.

  5. Bob Holly says:

    well he cant refute that the few fans they have left are asking them to enter rehab.

  6. B says:

    im there fan and i dont want them to go to rehab! if they wanna get tore up thats there business!!!!!!!!! and all these holier than thou haters can shut up

  7. JoeMimic says:

    RJ Ace,

    Yeah a misunderstanding …that’s why Jeff hasn’t wrestled for TNA for five months now. This is vintage Hardy behavior and until they stop making excuses and blaming everybody else it will continue.

  8. Jeffie says:

    @B – Would you not as a fan of two drugheads not want them to live long and healthy rather than die at their 40’s… I dislike them as wrestlers and have no kind of respect for druggie’s or their childish personality.. – But I do hope the kids will get some kind of help because they really need it.

  9. Bommaniac says:

    You put your safety in the hands of the other person when you get in the ring. If they’re high or drunk that means they have no respect for the welfare of opponents. Would you put your career on the line to get in the ring with the Hardys if they have drug/alcohol problems?

  10. Kevin says:

    But on a professional not, they should be clean so they don’t injure people. If they wanna take time off ad do drugs thats on them. I agree 100% what wwe and tna did.

    and thats coming from a guy that enjoys pot.

  11. RJ Ace says:

    @JoeMimic- I wish there was a sarcasm font lol. The Hardys are train wrecks and ofcourse Jeff was intoxicated. I was kidding around man. They always say that it’s all a misunderstanding and that it’s being blown out of proportion by the IWC.

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