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Smackdown SPOILERS

From J-Ro:

WWE Smackdown!

Show opens with WWE COO Triple H. He announces Orton will take on Khali in the main event and for the first time ever MITB Winner Alberto Del Rio will take on MITB winner Daniel Bryan Out comes Christian, who threatens to sue Triple H, The WWE, and The Fans who attend Summerslam for being forced to take on someone as Mentally unstable as Randy Orton. Triple H said that would be a breach of contract and Christian would be fired and tells him to earn the respect of the fans back. HHH then announces Christian vs. Sheamus right away.

Sheamus def. Christian via countout.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix def. Kaitlyn and AJ

Backstage Rhodes thanks Zack for putting the IC title on the line tonight. Long said it wasn’t him. Aksana appears again. Geez…

Backstage Mark Henry tell Johnny Curtis that he will face him tonight, and he does like him.

Sin Cara returns and defeats Tyson Kidd. Some argues that it was an FCW wrestler.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Daniel Bryan with an armbar.

Shot of Christian backstage

Cody Rhodes defeats Ezekiel Jackson to become the New Intercontinental Champion. After the match,they put a bag over Jackson’s head and hilariously gets behind Dibiase witht he bag still on and attacks him.

Interview with Orton backstage. Says that it helps his anger to use it to his advantage.

Mark Henry defeats Johnny Curtis. After the match, Henry goes on the attack, but Sheamus comes out to make the save.

Randy Orton deafeats The Great Khali in an RKO. Out comes Christian and announces that all his worries about Summerlsam are over as he has a suprise.

Dark Match Main Event:

Christian comes out to reannounce that he will have a suprise and Triple H jokes around about it and announces Randy Orton and Sheamus will take on Christian and Alberto Del Rio

Orton and Sheamus get the win with an RKO. Then Orton greets the fans after the show.

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9 Responses

  1. Renato says:

    Cody Rhodes IC champ, NICE!!!!

    I’m really enjoying smackdown lately, I’m really hoping to see what christian has as a surprise at summerslam.

    Still cant believe Alberto Gay Rio defeated Daniel Bryan, but whatever.

  2. Robert says:

    nothing new for summerslam! I guess they will add more matches on otherwise four matches won’t be a great ppv.

  3. McMahon says:

    Truth vs. Morrison and Rhodes vs. Zeke both on free TV rather than Summerslam? That’s odd.

  4. J-Ro says:

    I forgot to mention wade came out attacking daniel bryan

  5. james says:

    Barrett vs. Bryan for Summerslam then I’m guessing.

  6. Anony-mouse says:

    Bryan lost to del rio?….. never.

  7. Tynen says:


  8. JYD II says:


  9. Criss Brian says:

    The go home show and the Champion gets counted out. Smart! Some of WWE is good, a lot of WWE is bad, all o WWE is better than TNA!

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