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Raw viewership down

Last night’s Raw averaged 4.5 million viewers, down from 4.7 million viewers the previous week.

We should have a rating shortly.

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    Wait, WWE is in the 4.0’s now???? Hell yeah, I thought it was still doing 3.0’s. If they keep good solid storylines like punk- cena and keep surprising us in the good way ( ok I know they still keep dropping the ball on people but granted they are doing things right little by little) then maybe, just maybe we can see them in the 5.0’s once more…. Just like when the attitude era was

  2. James says:

    I wouldn’t really consider that down. While yes technically the numbers are lower there could be a number of factors as to why. Possibly people are busy. There is a riot over in the UK you know.

    I would consider 500k-1M to be a more considerable amount if it happened.

  3. Mackdeezy says:

    Either that or I confused myself with the ACTUAL ratings numbers

  4. Sack Wagger says:

    Lower viewership must be because we didn’t see enough Cena beating the odds!

  5. Mc hype says:

    People its not actual it jsut shwos hoe much was watching 4.5 million aint really a good thing.

  6. Matt says:

    the last raw (not the one this is about) was a 3.3 rating..So if its down its below that i would assume!

  7. Mc hype says:

    People its not actual rating it just shows how much people was watching 4.5 million aint really a good thing.

  8. -Jay- says:

    Besides Punk they really aren’t giving the fans anything to latch on to, that was one of the differences between Attitude WWE and current WWE…the characters and stories were captivating, creative and multiple, now its just Cena lets see what happens with Cena this week, change it to Cenavision already.

  9. Mackdeezy says:

    Yeah I confused myself, I’d like to retract my statement

  10. dooman says:

    i watch what punk has to say then put PIP on and watch for zena to shut up before i turn it back

  11. Agent Cooper says:

    This is clearly because they fired Vladimir Kozlov.

  12. McMahon says:

    Summer slump.

  13. it needs moar melina.

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