NWA Smoky Mountain present “The Big One” featuring Davey Richards now on DVE‏

Aug 8, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

This past Thursday’s NWA Smoky Mountain Card entitled: The Big One featuring the incredible, must-see Main Event between ROH Champion Davey Richards vs. Chase Owens in now available on DVD at www.NWASmokyMountain.com

This match is already being called one of the greatest matches in the long, storied history of wrestling in East Tennessee… May longtime fans, and wrestlers alike called the match “The best match I’ve ever seen live.” The match ended in an emotional standing ovation which can be seen in this video: http://youtu.be/flNS_A6WIWc

The card also featured a match between Jason “The Gift” Kincaid and ROH Star Kyle O’Reilly that was so good that O’Reilly, immediately after the match, Tweeted that Ring of Honor should bring in Jason so they could have a rematch.

Here is the match listing for the DVD:

ROH Heavyweight Title Match
Davey Richards vs. Chase Owens

The Return of John Hawkins

NWA Smoky Mountain Title Match
Keith Knox (c) vs. The Bulldozer

6 Man Tag Team Action
Tony Givens, Chris Richards & Josh Cody
vs. Beau James, Robbie Cassidy & Wayne Adkins

Jason Kincaid vs. Kyle O’Reilly

NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team Title Match
Tony Kozina & Sigmon vs. Lukas Angle & Jeff Connelly vs. Legit Dynamite

& much more… Available NOW at www.NWASmokyMountain.com

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