TNA HARDCORE JUSTICE: Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle (TNA Impact Wrestling Championship)

Aug 7, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Impact Wrestling Championship
Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle

Jeremy Borash handled the ring introductions for the challenger Kurt Angle and champion Sting.

Lock up and Kurt Angle works over Sting’s left arm. Angle with a headlock takedown. Sting fires back working over Angle’s left arm as well. Angle catches Sting with a hip toss and arm drag combo. Sting fights back kicking out the leg of Angle to trip him up. Sting does this a second time when he sends Angle to the corner. Sting keeps working on the leg of Angle. They talk about Angle dropping around 15-20 pounds to get at his “healthy” wrestling weight. On the outside, Sting sends Angle into the steel steps and the ring barricade. Angle with a modified samoan drop favoring his leg on the way down. Angle catches Sting with a big knee to the gut. Angle sends Sting into the corner two times, but Sting fires back after hitting the second corner taking out Angle with a quick clothesline. Sting catches Angle with a few elbows and a series of clotheslines. Sting with a kick to the gut and DDT combo on Angle. Sting with a big boot, but Angle connects with a quick overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Sting counters an Angle Slam and connects with a modified Scorpion Deathdrop. Angle barely gets a shoulder up after two. Angle with a german suplex on Sting, a second and a third with a release. Angle with a moonsault and Sting moves out of the way. Sting with an Angle Slam, cover and Angle gets a shoulder up after two. Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock applied. Angle screams out in pain reaching for the ropes. Angle gets the bottom rope. Stinger Splash to the back of Angle. Sting misses a second one. Angle with the Angle Slam. Sting kicks out after two. Angle misses a charge in the corner when Sting moves. Sting with the ankle lock applied on Angle. Angle turns over and kicks Sting away. Angle with the Scorpion Deathlock applied on Sting. Sting gets the bottom rope. Angle drops sledgehammer fists to the lower back of Sting. Sting fights back with elbows. Sting attempts a scoop slam, but Angle rolls through and gets the ankle lock applied. Sting rolls through and gets a close pinfall attempt on Angle. Referee bump when Angle misses Sting with a kick to the head. Both men are down along with the referee after Angle and Sting hit a double clothesline. Hulk Hogan is walking down the ramp with a steel chair in hand. Hogan tosses the chair inside and gets in. Hogan is ready to hit Sting when Angle grabs the chair. Hogan bails. Angle grabs the chair and cracks it over the back of Sting. Angle tosses the chair out of the ring and hits the Angle Slam on Sting. Angle covers Sting and gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW TNA Impact Wrestling Champion: Kurt Angle

After the match, Kurt Angle is handed the TNA Impact Wrestling Championship and throws it over his shoulder as he stares down Hulk Hogan who is standing at the end of the ramp. The PPV goes off the air with an angry Hogan staring down Angle.

A promo for TNA No Surrender on Sunday, September 11 airs.

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