TNA HARDCORE JUSTICE: Kendrick vs. Aries vs. Shelley (X Title)

Aug 7, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Hardcore Justice PPV
August 7, 2011
Orlando, Florida
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package runs focusing on Sting's transformation by capturing the TNA Impact Wrestling Championship and his match tonight where he defends against the #1 contender, Kurt Angle.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Hardcore Justice – brought to you by Direct Auto Insurance. We go live to the Impact Zone where a big display of pyro goes off above the ring and in the entrance area.

Alex Shelley is out first to kick off the show.

TNA X Division Championship
Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

Kendrick has some interesting new theme music and ring attire. They are using the red ropes for the PPV tonight. Aries with knees to the gut on both Kendrick and Shelley early on. Shelley and Kendrick then take turns getting in shots on Aries. Kendrick clotheslines Aries to the outside who walks around the ring as Shelley and Kendrick lock up. Aries jumps back in and takes a big chop from Shelley. Aries quickly bails out again. Aries holds Kendrick back in the corner yelling at Shelley to hit him. Shelley refuses and drops him on the ring apron. Shelley with an atomic drop on Aries and Kendrick with a dropkick on Aries sending him through the ropes back to the outside. Shelley with big elbows to Kendrick. Kendrick fires back with a big boot. Aries tackles Kendrick when he hits the ropes. Aries dumps Kendrick over the top rope. Kendrick caught the ring apron with his ankle on the way down. Shelley trips up Aries when he hits the ropes. Aries drops Shelley over his knee and then slams him back on the mat. Aries dumps Shelley through the ropes and Shelley hits Kendrick on the way out. Aries with a suicide dive landing on his feet taking out Shelley and Kendrick. Shelley gets his knees up when Aries attempts a springboard moonsault back in the ring. Shelley with a crossface on Kendrick. Kendrick gets the rope break getting his foot on the ropes. Shelley with a dragon screw on Kendrick through the middle ropes. Shelley with a superkick on Aries on the ring apron. Shelley with a body splash off the top over Kendrick. Shelley with a spinning Figure Four applied on Kendrick. Aries breaks it up with knees to the back of Shelley. Aries tosses Kendrick into the corner. Aries with a running bulldog on Shelley into a bridging chinlock. Kendrick breaks it up. Aries drops Kendrick's knee over the mat and then tosses him back in a big suplex. Kendrick with two big dropkicks on Aries. Aries counters a Sliced Bread and is up top with Kendrick. Shelley with a punch to Aries' leg. Shelley has Aries on his shoulders. Kendrick slips and falls. Aries with a knee breaker into a suplex on Shelley. Aries with a Brainbuster on Shelley and Kendrick breaks it up at the last second. Kendrick with Sliced Bread on Aries right over Shelley. Kendrick covers Shelley to get the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Brian Kendrick

After the match, we see various highlights leading to the finish.

We go to Taz and Mike Tenay at the announce booth. They discuss Sting vs. Kurt Angle tonight.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Tara and Miss Tessmacher. Both promise to leave champions tonight.

* Tara and Miss Tessmacher defending the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions against Sarita and Rosita is up next.

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