TNA HARDCORE JUSTICE: Fortune vs. Immortal

Aug 7, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Six Man Tag Team Match
Fortune (AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. Immortal (Scott Steiner, Abyss and Gunner)

We start with Kazarian and Gunner. Kazarian drops him with a big dropkick. Scott Steiner gets the tag. Lock up and Steiner pushes Kazarian away to the corner. Kazarian with a crucifix takedown and a tag to AJ Styles. Steiner pushes Styles to the corner and gets in a few chops. Styles counters and gets in a few chops of his own. Tag to Daniels who gets in a big boot and clothesline combo on Steiner. Steiner rakes the eyes and tags in Abyss. Daniels with palm strikes and a big slap to Abyss. Daniels with a springboard kick. Styles and Kazarian with springboard kicks to Gunner and Steiner. Daniels trips up Abyss and connects with a clothesline to the back of the neck. Abyss drops Daniels with authority near the corner. Tag to Gunner who keeps Daniels grounded. Tag to Steiner who chops away at Daniels. Tag to Abyss. Daniels counters a chokeslam attempt. Hot tag to Kazarian who connects with a snap huricanrana on Abyss. Kazarian takes out Steiner and Gunner on the ring apron. Kazarian with a springboard leg drop and Gunner breaks up the pinfall. Gunner drops to the outside when Kazarian holds the top rope down. Kazarian with a springboard tornado DDT on Abyss. Kazarian dives out with Styles pulling down the top rope taking out Abyss. Styles goes after Gunner and Steiner goes after Daniels. Action is all over the place on the outside. Gunner and Steiner pull out a table and set it up near the ring. Gunner is now the legal man hitting a quick suplex on Kazarian. Tag back to Abyss who takes a DDT from Kazarian. Hot tag to Styles who takes out Steiner and with a hammerlock suplex on Gunner. Styles with a springboard crossbody on Abyss for a two count. Styles with a close rollup on Abyss. Pele Kick on Abyss. Daniels with the BME on Gunner. Steiner drops Daniels face first. Styles kicks Steiner on the back of the head. Styles is crotched on the ropes by Gunner. Gunner moves the table near the ring. Gunner has Styles on his shoulders. Daniels breaks it up. Gunner tackles Daniels and they both crash through the table. Styles with a springboard Pele Kick on Abyss and gets the win.

Winner: Fortune

After the match, AJ Styles and Kazarian check on Christopher Daniels. Scott Steiner and Gunner yell at Abyss for losing. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Bully Ray. Ray said Anderson is right – there is only room for one asshole in Immortal and that asshole is him. He said the biggest mistake Hogan and Bischoff made was letting Anderson in Immortal.

A video package runs hyping Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray.

* Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray is up next.

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