News on Stacy Keibler, Husky Harris, and Generation Me

Aug 4, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– Stacy Keibler was trending last night on Twitter on the news she is dating George Clooney.

– From Adam Turner in UK: Husky Harris has finally been removed from the Raw superstars page.

– From Brady Hicks: This week IN THE ROOM, Matt and Nick Jackson – The Young Bucks (TNA’s Generation Me) join the show for 45 minutes, talking what went right (and wrong) with TNA, Rob Van Dam, the art of tag team wrestling, working with WWE, and so much more. Plus, Brady Hicks, DJ, and Anthony Sarlo talk CM Punk, HHH in charge, and so much more. Unfortunately, due to a technical snafu, Brady’s conversation with Pro Wrestling Ohio’s producer Joe Dombrowski is not available as planned. Details on the promotion’s upcoming i-ppv – Wrestlelution 4, is available below, as well as courtesy of the promotion’s site at

For a direct link to the show:

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