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Gail Kim tweets about Monday’s diva battle royal

Gail Kim was an early elimination from Monday’s diva battle royal on Raw, which was eventually won by Beth Phoenix. She apparently was told to go out early, so Kim dropped to the mat and rolled out of the ring. “just checking 2 see if any1 was paying attention,” said Kim via Twitter. She also added, “oh and also on the contrary, I wasn’t being a mark 4 myself I was being a good employee when ur told to get out of the ring in less than a min.I just did it the fastest way possible:)so really I saved some time!” Later she added: “Nooooo I’m not doing my best to get fired.”

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  1. B-Rad says:

    WWE has completely dropped the ball on Gail Kim. Didn’t they see how outstanding she was in TNA?

    I mean, even if the fans of WWE claim to not like women’s wrestling…wouldn’t they still rather see someone like Gail Kim in the ring than…Kelly or The Bella Twins?

  2. Deathedge says:

    Well that’s err… Interesting.

    Would anyone really blame her if she was trying to get fired.

  3. Rex Anderson says:

    Im very sure your not

  4. dave says:

    haha that’s funny. kudos to her

  5. Nick says:

    Poor Gail. The company refuses to do anything with her and at this point it seems like she’s just collecting her money and waiting for her time to be up.

    It saddens me that WWE seems obsessed with forcing all of their talented female wrestlers straight out of the company.

  6. -Jay- says:

    WWE takes a few years to get it so maybe they are slowly turning the corner with the divas by bashing the “model” ones and making Beth and Nat turn on the “eye candy” divas…would be nice to see some actual matches between athletic female wrasslers, aside from TNA.

  7. SeanB says:

    she should. shes wasting away in wwe

  8. Cornette's Face says:

    And that is why she would never be a champion and will soon be future endeavored by the WWE.

    Bad booking by WWE, bad attitude by Gail herself.

  9. ted says:

    The divas are a waste of space and time.

  10. Bommaniac says:

    She is definitely one diva that could make a difference and help the division to at least try to escape the quagmire they’re in. There is no diversity in the divas, no crazies, no monsters, no characters. Just generic bitchy heel or generic cute face. Also, looks like they have left enough time and revisited the Kharma barbie doll angle with Beth and Natalya.

  11. Janine says:

    @ted the divas that can’t wrestle a proper match are a waste of space and time. The ones like Beth, Gail, and hopefully Kharma when she comes back give the fans of the 90’s women’s division a glimmer of hope. I sure hope Gail is still there when Kharma comes back because they were pure gold in TNA.

  12. Mackdeezy says:

    Exactly… I don’t get why people always wanted kharma to “feud with Beth”….. Know what I say? F*** Beth, she’s overrated, granted eve thinks she can put on a good show but botches too much but still, I saw the heel turn coming, we see it all the time, she turns and turns and turns, she’ll be face by mania, kharma vs Gail is gonna be great

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