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Report: Dixie Carter happy Sting reinvented himself

TNA president Dixie Carter at the recent Impact tapings was praising Sting in his new role as the Joker, telling everyone how great it is that the Stinger has been able to reinvent himself at this point in his career and how everyone in the dressing room should learn from him, reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  1. -Jay- says:

    Yes everyone should learn to rip off other comic book characters and they too can impress the genius that is Dixie Carter.

  2. Will says:

    Reinvented, copied a character from a recent movie, what’s the difference?

  3. MiZery says:

    LoL @ Jay… I actually like Stings new gimmick, surprised it took him this long though… step up from the Crow rip off.

  4. Deathedge says:

    Well, I guess I’ll hit the indy scene with bleached blond hair, multi colored face paint, a scorpion… no a spider on my tights, call myself Bite, and have moves like the Biter Splash and the Spider Death Grip. I’m sure no one will notice, I’m just “learning from Sting” after all…

  5. Nick says:

    Considering his first gimmick emulated the Road Warriors and his second gimmick emulated the Brandon Lee Crow while never being totally derivative of either, I think the Joker-Sting gimmick is actually kind of genius. It allows him to have the edge he needs as a face and makes every scene he’s in quite watchable.

  6. Kerry says:

    @Nick – Emulated the Road Warriors? Right, because anyone who uses face paint is automatically emulating or copying them. Hell, THEY got THEIR look from a movie but I bet no one has anything negative to say about them doing it. Actually, Sting’s first gimmick copied or took off from Flash Gordon. He had bleached blonde hair & was called Steve “Flash” Borden & Warrior was Jim “Justice” Hellwig.

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