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Kevin Kelly: CM Punk is Not the best in the world

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) & Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of Right After Wrestling recently spoke with ROH announcer, Kevin Kelly. Here are some highlights:

Kevin on ROH being under the Sinclair group

Does CM Punk bring more attention to ROH after this recent angle
“That would be interesting if our show was already on the air. The first taping airs September 24th. What’s gonna make a difference for ROH is putting out the best quality wrestling show each and every week. Even though ROH pays homage to all of their past champions, such as CM Punk and Samoa Joe and everybody that’s worn the title, it’s nice to see Punk reciprocate that and show respect to us.”

His thoughts on new stars coming up and on WWE Head of Talent Relations – John Laurinaitis
“My hats off to guys like the Kings of Wrestling (Claudio and Chris) who – if they go up to the WWE, they deserve it. But that’s where the job of talent development comes in. ROH must continue to make new stars because there is always a new spot on the roster that needs to be filled. ROH must constantly bring in, look at and develop new stars because going on television brings new horizons for the guys and our company. I’ll give you an example of talent development with John Laurinaitis. I bring Bobby Roode to a camp and I tell John this guy is gonna be great. He says, ‘ahhhh….ahhhh’ in his raspy voice and nothing happened. And that ‘answer’ told me he wanted to make a decision but he was afraid if his decision was going to be the wrong one.”

On the biggest stars in the ROH and who to look out for

Kevin’s thoughts on CM Punk claiming to be the ‘best in the World’
“I love CM Punk. I never met him personally, but when I meet him I will shake his hand and tell him how much I appreciate his talents. But Punk wears a shirt on TV saying he’s ‘the best in the World’. Well he’s not the best in the world until he defeats Davey Richards. Davey Richards is the best wrestler in the World hands down! You could put the Miz at #1 in the PWI 500…and then burn that magazine for printing that. Davey Richards is the best in the World and I defy anybody to argue with me on that. Watch the match with Eddie Edwards. It was a 36-minute perfect match. Not one flaw. He trained for 4-weeks for that match – like a fighter. He’s revolutionizing the business right before our very eyes.”

Kevin has choice words for Michael Cole and his commentary style behind the desk – “he’s a prick!”

All this plus so much more!

For the full 15+ minutes interview, click this link:

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12 Responses

  1. RJ Ace says:

    Davey Richards may be a better in ring performer than CM Punk but that doesn’t make him the best wrestler in the world. Obviously Davey has never been in Punk’s position yet so it’s not really a fair comparison. In todays cliche, sterile, and boring WWE product, CM Punk has managed to light a fire. He’s got people talking about the product and he’s gone from internet darling to worldwide superstar and is the hottest wrestler in the industry. Nobody up to this point has been able to touch Cena’s position as the undisputed top dog but Punk is closing in. All that being said, if Punk jobs clean to Cena in 2 weeks, everything up to this point has been a waste. I just can’t imagine Punk agreeing to re-sign so quickly if WWE didn’t promise him some incentives. Until Davey Richards can put on the type of great performances he does in ROH in front of a worldwide audience, he’s not the best in the world. Punk has a legit following with the IWC and casual fans, he’s untouchable on the mic, he sells matches better than anyone right now, and he’s a great in ring performer. I really hope that Punk brings wide spread changes in WWE’s talent development and what they look for in a pro wrestler. Punk stands out from the WWE roster that’s crowded with wannabe actors. There are alot of great performers, not just wrestlers on the indy scene that WWE could make millions with if they were given an opportunity.

  2. Criss Brian says:

    Technical skilled wrestling wise, Davey might be better. But all around, I think Punk is better. It’s hard to compare, but Punk has a bigger audience, and all of them connect. He’s been gold recently, and uses the ring, and his “pipe bomb” to make everyone see and feel how good he is. Can Davey do it too? Maybe, we’ll have to see if he ever gets the opportunity. First time I saw Punk, I said “he’s the future.” I thought he’d be the best. When I first saw Davey, I said “he’ll be the among best” Who’s better? Only one on one promo’s and ring work could decide, but as of now, we don’t have the opportunity. I hope someday we will.

  3. Adam says:

    RJ, the ‘Until Davey Richards can put on the type of great performances he does in ROH in front of a worldwide audience, he’s not the best in the world.’ argument is BS.

  4. chris says:

    Hey Kevin, when you were in the WWE, as the punchline to the Rock, CM Punk was the best around, and still is the best around. Watch Punk’s matches with Steve Corino, Raven, and so forth. I get you’re a “Company guy” and want to low the line, but Punk can out work, out talk, anyone in the biz. Best promo man since Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

    Hell, Punk even carried John Cena for 40 minutes. Having a match with a guy who’s one your level for 30 minutes is one thing, carring a guy and making him look good for 40 minutes is another. Sorry, I disagree with Kevin Kelly on this one.

  5. RJ Ace says:

    Why Adam? I’m not saying he can’t do it, I’m saying he hasn’t done it yet and he hasn’t been given the opportunity yet. People might like TNA, ROH, or even their local indy promotion better but WWE is the undisputed top dog in the industry. Most pro wrestlers dream of having a match at Wrestlemania. I’m a huge Davey Richards fan, but he can’t even argue that he’s the best in the world at this point. When Kurt Warner was throwing 8 TD passes a game in the Arena Football League, nobody thought he was the best Quarterback in the world. It wasn’t until he signed with the Rams, won a Super Bowl, and won the NFL MVP Award that people could call him the best in the world. It’s not fair to compare Davey to CM Punk because he has never been put in that position yet. I’ve watched some great Indy shows here in Florida and seen some wrestlers that made me think they could main event Wrestlemania. You just never know though how guys will react when the pressure is on and it’s time to sell out a 50,000 seat arena and sell a ppv on the mic to a worldwide audience. Do you think the best pitcher in the world is playing for some Double A team in Kansas? Do you think the best running back in the world is playing for some semi-pro team in South Carolina? Is the best actor in the world performing at a local theatre in front of 15 people?

  6. marty mcfly says:

    i agree with RJ ACE.

  7. Andy says:

    Until Davey Richards learns how to sell, he’ll never even be close to the best worker in the world. He’s not even the best in Ring of Honor. Kevin Kelly is an absolute tool.

  8. dave says:

    RJ hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Why argue with extremely valid points?

  9. Adam says:

    RJ, I don’t think you can compare wrestling to a sport, me more than anyone enjoys wrestling presented like it’s a sport but at the end of the day it’s entertainment. The movie comparison is much more logical. To my knowledge Will Smith is the most successful actor in terms of Box-Office earnings but is he the best in terms of performance? probably not. Are the best movies the highest grossing? probably not. Kevin Kelly’s point was he thinks Davey is the best worker in the ring. He didn’t say he was the best all around entertainer because he’s not. My point is sports and entertainment isn’t the same and can’t be judged the same way. Not everyone’s dream is to main event Wrestlemania. Davey has even said it in interviews himself, he’s wrestled in front of thousands in Japan. That line of you can’t be the best if you’re not in the WWE I completely disagree with.

  10. Zafx says:

    This guy knows wrestling if fake right? I mean best in the world is a claim and most improtantly, a claim the charecter CM Punk is making. When Jericho claimed to be King of the World was he really? I saw no crown.

  11. RJ Ace says:

    @Adam – you bring up some good points. I would like to point out though that I didn’t say every wrestler wants to wrestle a match at Mania, I said most. It all comes down to personal preference with wrestling just like movies. Often times the movies that win Oscars and get the best reviews haven’t even been heard of by most of the general public. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan are WWE’s 2 biggest box office draws of all time, but that doesn’t make them the best wrestlers of their era. Shawn Michaels is probably the WWE’s greatest in ring performer in history and he never crossed over to the mainstream like Hogan or Austin. I personally prefer ROH’s in ring style to WWE’s, however I watch alot more WWE than ROH because it’s available on a larger scale. WWE appeals to a much larger audience and has been around for decades. ROH at this point appeals to hardcore fans and the IWC. I hope one day that TNA and ROH can close in on WWE because it would make the entire industry better. It all depends on how much stock individuals put into certain aspects of wrestling. John Cena sells more merchandise than anybody and there isn’t a close 2nd. Does that make him the best wrestler? Wal-Mart is the leading retail chain in America, does that mean they sell the best products? I personally look for the complete package in a wrestler. CM Punk is an excellent in ring performer, he’s gold on the mic, he has a tremendous fan following online and with casual fans, he has a unique look, he has a character that stands out from the rest, and to top it all off, he does it in front of millions every week. If you or Kevin Kelly put more stock into in ring ability, there’s noting wrong with that, it’s your preference. I just think that CM Punk is the overall best in the world.

  12. Adam says:

    RJ, I wrote a really long speech but my browser crashed, yeah you did say most I must’ve skimmed through that. I basically agreed that Punk all around is the best right now, he has the whole package. People on the fence about ROH will be able to watch anywhere in the world September 24th, so hopefully it can really grow and establish itself as legit competition eventually and we will have a better business to enjoy.

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