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Triple H to address the WWE title controversy on Raw

Via Twitter:

TOMORROW ON WWE RAW: CM Punk addresses the WWE Universe & WWE COO Triple H makes decision on WWE Title controversy. LIVE 9/8 CT on USA!

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  1. bravest PAPAyA says:

    I’m hoping this whole angle gets rid of the spinner belt.

  2. Brandon says:

    same here. i was hoping CM Punk left with the spinner belt and then maybe WWE uses the World Heavyweight title on both shows or they introduced a new WWE title with the tournament on Raw.

  3. Anony-mouse says:

    Ditto… Keep your fingers crossed.

  4. Heywood Jablome says:

    the need 2 bring bac the old 1

  5. Beast says:

    OMG!!! I HOPE THE SPINNER BELT IS GONE! I liked the spinner belt when Cena had in when he first WON. I didn’t think it was going to drag on for 7 years.

  6. DJ Reign says:

    Summerslam title vs title ladder match … ala HBK vs Razor!!

  7. About that... says:

    Has anyone noticed that the so-called “spinner belt” hasn’t actually spun in the last, oh, couple years or so? What’s the fundamental objection to it? Is it the spinning (which no longer happens, so, um, yeah), the design itself, or its connection to Cena? Sheesh. At least it isn’t TNA’s Jeff Hardy Divas title…

  8. RJ Ace says:

    Yeah it stopped spinning when Triple H won it. I think the belt just looks awful. It’s oddly shaped and it looks like something a rapper would wear on stage. I thought the WWE Undisputed Title was pretty cool looking. I don’t think anything will ever top the Attitude Era belt though.

  9. Kerry says:

    There hasn’t been a spinner belt for a looong time now, guys. I actually like the design of the current WWE championship belt as long as it doesn’t spin…

  10. King b says:

    The smoking skull belt has been the best custom belt bifar.

  11. James says:

    I can’t stand the no longer spinner belt simply because it looks like something some trash hip hop person would approve of. I know they are marketing towards kids but not all kids are complete idiots when it comes to actual music.

  12. Mackdeezy says:

    Supposedly they installed a stopper in the belt a while back…. This is why Miz was able to keep the WWE logo in an M position, they simply removed the stopper and turned it…… the replicas always spin, no stopper in them. I think the reason for it was because the logo was always moving if you moved the belt in the slightest way, such as moving itself into An “E” position

  13. Naz says:

    Time for a new wwe title belt to debut after summerslam. Its been 5 years for the spinner. Longer than the attitude era wwf title belt which last only 3 years

  14. Jeff says:

    People don’t like the belt not because “it spins”, but because it looks cartoonish….and it spins. The big WWE logo in the middle makes it look corny and cheap, not befitting for a champion.

  15. bravest PAPAyA says:

    I think the spinner belt looks too blingy. It was cool at first, but they got rid of Cena’s US belt, why not the WWE?

  16. Gerry says:

    there was a rumor sometime last year that WWE was going to redo a title belt, it was annonced 3-4 months after the dumb looking tag titles showed up

  17. Deathedge says:

    The last time I liked the spinner belt was when Edge had his custom spinner. Since then the belt has looked more and more annoying to me. At this point, the Hardcore Title is more visually appealing.

  18. Riten says:

    It’s A Toy, Not A Professional Wrestlers Belt.

  19. Ron Killings says:

    I can’t understand how REAL wrestling fans can accept that CHILDREN TOY called WWE Title (the few ones are childish for sure)… at least smart fans here are the mayority who says that the Spinner WWE Title is crap and a NEW ONE IS REQUIRED INMEDIATELY.

    I will wait for HHH right decision to bring a serius WWE Title…

  20. marty mcfly says:

    agree, smoking skull belt was the best looking of all!

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