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SPOILER for upcoming TNA PPVs

The current plan is for Kurt Angle to beat Sting for the TNA heavyweight championship at next week’s TNA Hardcore Justice PPV, and then retain the strap headed into October’s Bound for Glory PPV, which will be held in Angle’s home state of Pennsylvania. (Obviously, Angle is from Pittsburgh, PA)

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  1. chris says:

    I can live with this as long as its not one of those endless runs they tend to give him.

  2. Will says:

    What was the point of Sting getting the title back then? Why didn’t they just let Anderson hold it for two more weeks and lose it to Angle?

  3. Tim Zyla says:

    There is no point to it. They hace to long term storylines or continuity. Remember, Russo has that Smash TV style of writing. Booking on the fly. Utterly dissappointing.

  4. Tim Zyla says:

    **hace = have

  5. Phil says:

    I was hoping for Sting to keep the title & lose it to Hogan , I hope we still get the Hogan- Sting match @ BFG !!

  6. Joe says:

    NO Hogan with any title whatsoever.!!! The absolute worst idea anyone ever had at any time. It’s bad enough that 52-yr old Sting has the belt, but NOT a crippled up has been like Hogan. No!! No!! No!!

  7. Dr. X says:

    where are the new stars in the main event scene? Kennedy and two has beens?

  8. Coolquip says:

    If TNA has any brains Joe or AJ win the BFG series and faces Angle at BFG and Philly would love it

  9. DJ Reign says:

    I see Hogan costing sting the title vs Angle. Maybe we can get ol’school sting vs ol’school hogan

  10. Nick says:

    I see Samoa Joe starting his run in this BFG series at Hardcore Justice and working his way in to that title match with Kurt Angle. Or I suppose it could turn out to be Gunner that gets the push (though that seems crazy to me at this point) or even Bobby Roode.

    I do think Sting vs. Hulk Hogan is on lock for the semi-main event (or actual main event) at Bound For Glory. It’s got the ability to pull in a few casual wrestling fans to see it AND has easily been one of the best built stories in TNA for forever.

  11. Phil says:

    I like that DJ , but I think Hogan-Sting should be for the belt..WITH HULK HOGAN WINNING THE BELT ! ! !

  12. ryan says:

    @ Joe dude stings the best wrestler there is today stop hating just cuz hes 52 and could whoop your @$$.

  13. Fisha695 says:

    Whatever happened to Kurt leaving to go train for the Olympics? I mean I realize his minimum commitment to TNA is like 5 days a month (4 TV taping, 1 PPV) but still….

  14. Cody T. says:

    Tim Zyla – Russo isn’t the only booker in TNA. And he doesn’t have the final say on what goes on air.

  15. Joe says:

    Not saying Sting’s not a decent wrestler. Any wrestler could whip my ass & yours too. But he should not have the title. Hogan either. TNA would be better served with a young wrestler holding the belt that they can build around. Sting’s not going to be around a whole lot longer. There’s a bunch of younger stars in TNA that would & should be a better long term champion.

  16. Tim Zyla says:

    Cody, he is the head booker and has been the head booker for many years, right? Even if I didnt know it for a fact, I can see his TNA Product mirroring wCw. Pointless storylines, quick title changes, no character development, horrible match finishes. TNA stars are able to put on a 5 str match but every match ends in a lame roll up.

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