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Press Release for Shane Helms iPhone App

For immediate release…

Former Pro Wrestling Champ Slapping a Figure 4 on iPhone Apps.

The “Shane Event” goes mobile…

Burlington, KY – What do Professional Wrestling, MMA, Muay Thai and other Combat Sports have in common with iPhone apps?

The answer Figure 4 Apps.

Figure 4, a Cincinnati based company, is looking to help professional wrestlers, and professional mma fighters market themselves to a new breed of consumers.
“Given the mobile world we live in, it only makes sense for professional athletes and celebs to have an app”, founding member Dan Koabel stated.
“The DNA of Figure 4 is special. We are professional wrestlers, mma fighters, social media experts, and mobile marketers. We understand our clients, and more importantly the fans of our clients”, Jim Nilson – founding member.
Jim continued, “The first app is already creating a buzz in the wrestling community”, referring to the Official Shane Helms iPhone App was released yesterday (July 26th). The app is exclusively available on the iTunes store for iPhones and iPod touches for 99 cents.

App description:

The Official App for Professional Wrestler, Actor, and Talk Show Host Shane Helms. Shane has wrestled as The Hurricane in the WWE, and as “Sugar” Shane Helms in WCW. Helms also appeared as David Arquette’s stunt double for the movie “Ready To Rumble”. Shane is the talk show host of Highway 2 Helms.

App Features Include:

* Access to all of Helms’ social media in one location.
* A Soundboard of original, thoughtful quotes from Shane himself. Who doesn’t want Shane on your iPhone saying “Your Mom”!
* Upcoming Schedule – this will include exclusive events first announced on the app.
* Take a Photo with Helms. That’s right, open the app, select a pose, and then snap a photo with you and Shane. Show your friends. Let them know that you and Shane are personal friends. The proof is in the photo!

Stay connected with the Super Human Superstar, the Shane Event….Shane Helms. Download his Official App today.
– –

Figure 4 will be holding a special app release party on the social music site

Helms and friends will be DJing in celebration of the iPhone app tonight (July 27th) starting at 9pm EST. Visit and search for the Shane Helms app room. “What better way to celebrate the release of my app than by throwing an online party”, Helms stated.

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5 Responses

  1. Scotty says:

    Advice to Figure 4 Apps – in future, join up with someone who’s relevant, not a has-been/never-was who’s desperate for attention.

  2. Michael says:

    @Scotty Desperate for attention? NO. Probably still struggling to pay his medical bills from his horrific bike accident that also involved his girlfriend? YES. If he can make some extra money off of an app then good for him. You can’t fault the guy for being business minded enough to keep his name out there to earn a paycheck.

  3. Scotty says:

    @Michael This is the same guy who posted several times about how bad a guy Shawn Michaels is and this and that and bad mouthing this guy and that guy. Are you trying to tell me that that wasn’t desperate for attention? He burned his own bridges with many fans (including me) when he did that. And lets not forget why he has medical bills in the first place – coz he got on his motorbike under the influence and could have gotten himself and his girlfriend killed or, worse, killed someone else because of his own error in judgement.

  4. kc says:

    Desperate to pay medical bills for a crash he caused while under the influence. Also didn’t he used to brag about how much money he had on Twitter? What a tool

  5. WizGig says:

    Spot on, Michael.
    kc – your comment is slanderous & should be deleted. Helms has not been proven to have been ‘under the influence’ when his accident occured.
    Scotty – Helms only stated facts about Shawn Michaels, many of which HBK has aadmitted to…the other facts to this day have not been denied or refuted by either HBK or any of his friends.
    Shane Helms is simply being smart and doing what anyone else in his position would (except he’s beaten them to it) – good luck to him.

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