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News on Triple H, Low Ki, CM Punk, and more

– Triple H is booked for all Raw and Smackdown TV tapings in his role as “COO” of WWE for the forseeable future, reports Dave Meltzer.

– The Millennium Wrestling Federation has booked Low Ki vs John Walters for 9/17.

CM Punk: 9 Possible Feuds for Him After WWE Summerslam

– WSU passed along:

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  1. Mshelez says:

    Punk can only wrestle higher-ups in the company right now. I think a Punk/Austin fued would be the best but I’d gladly take a Punk/Miz fued, too. But Punk v. Morrison? I don’t see it. Like the article says, Morrison doesn’t have what it takes on the mic. I remember watching Miz and Morrison as a tag team in ECW and thinking how great they were together. After they went to singles matches, it became quite clear that even though they worked well together on the mic, the Miz was far superior.

  2. McMahon says:

    CHIKARA and MWF both have awesome shows running on 9/17 in the Boston area. That’s not fair.

  3. Daniel says:

    Morrison is by far the better wrestler between Miz/Morrison. On the mic, yes Miz is better but Morrison holds his own. Now up against Punk though, I just don’t know if either of them can do well.

  4. DeathNote81 says:

    I would love another Punk/Morrison feud! A feud with Punk may be just what John needs right now. With Punk playing the honest card, he could put John’s phony rock star wannabe persona on blast, making him look bad and forcing them to change his character, and the way he’s portrayed.
    I think a large part of John’s problem is that he is trying to play a character, and not himself. It’s hard to be something that you’re not. A heel turn would be good for him, too. I, peronsally, liked him better that way.

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