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News on The Miz and Eve Torres

– Former WWE champ The Miz was on Lopez Tonight for a nine minute segment where he was, well, pretty much awesome. The Miz started off saying a story about sucking in golf and making an ass out of himself at a recent tournament and then moved to telling stories about his dad, who made photo copies of his TOPPS trading cards and forged his autograph to give to fans. He then said he could be on any reality TV show and win and Lopez picked a “member from the audience” to dance with him as an audition for Dancing With
The Stars. Miz started dancing goofy with the lady and then ended up throwing her off the stage. The Miz was great, especially recounting the story about his dad which was hilarious. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)

– WWE diva Eve Torres has expressed her frustration with the lack of time the WWE Diva’s get on television. Talking to the Peoria Star ahead of tonight’s Raw event, Eve says that the Diva division is “struggling” right now in terms of TV time. “We
have to work basically in a man’s world. I definitely, without sounding like I’m complaining, will state that we have it the hardest in the WWE. You don’t see much of us (on TV programming).” She adds that the Diva’s
have much more fun performing at live events. “I think we can take the Diva brand to the next level to show that we can be respectful women, educated women, portraying this image. … We have a lot of young girls
watching and a lot of young boys, as well. Within the Diva’s division, I have a few more title runs to do. Through that, we’ll be able to take the Diva division to the next level and kind of quiet the haters, if you
will.” (credit: Mike Aldren)

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  1. Rex Anderson says:

    Eve the reason why your not respected is because you guys bore people. Back in the good days women like Trish Stratus and Victoria/Tara and Lita, and Og Chyna, and Ivory, and Jackie, gave womens wrestling, flavor. Now you paper chics arent bad, hell Candice Michelle shocked me. If you want respect then fight for it and earn it.

  2. Anony-mouse says:

    I doubt that… The “divas” may only have those 3 minute matches, but it only takes one of those minutes to see how talentless they are.. the ONLY chicks there now who could make it interesting are Beth Phoenix, Melina, Gail Kim, Kaitlyn, Natalia, and Tamina… And you CAN’T make an entire division with just six people.. The rest of the women there care too much about how “pretty” they look to take any risks during their matches and it’s just gotten annoying and sad to watch… She may say she’s not “complaining”, but she shouldn’t say anything at all if she wrestles like s**t.

  3. B-Rad says:

    I think Eve has potential. She’s certainly not the greatest in the world…but she bumps well and she’s got a decent sense of ring presence, unlike most of the girls in WWE.

    I think they should just make the division revolve around Nattie, Beth, Gail and AJ. Alicia, Tamina, Eve and Layla have potential. The rest can just go…far, far away and never come back.

  4. aag44 says:

    I could be wrong (and feel free to tell me so), but I’ve always felt that the WWE needs to have at least one female agent/producer to deal with the Divas who are in the main roster, helping them build their characters and polish their in-ring skills. Especially now with Fit Finlay gone, the Divas need that more than anything. Somebody like Ivory or Molly Holly comes to mind as an excellent candidate for a position like this one.

  5. bravest PAPAyA says:

    If done right, the Diva division could be awesome. Give them more than 2-3 minutes and some good stories. Cut the girls who haven’t or aren’t willing to pay some sort of dues.

  6. Nick says:

    aag44, Goldust is now in charge of the divas division according to his Twitter. They could find worse choices of people to follow in Finlay’s footsteps.

  7. Bommaniac says:

    The divas division is made with two cookie cutters, one for heels – skinny, big hair, tons of makeup, not much clothing, calls people names – and one for faces – skinny, big hair, tons of makeup, not much clothing, gets called names. When characters are so boring and they put on botch-filled matches it is hard not to use that time as a toilet or snack break. Sometimes you just want them to use a chair or have a ladder match, anything other what they have done for such a long time. I wish the WWE could dig the divas out of that hole they’re in because I really think some of the angles the men are doing could work for them, especially Cody Rhodes character and storyline.

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