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TNA PPV buy numbers remain in usual range

Preliminary PPV buy numbers put recent TNA events in the usual range of 7,000 to 10,000 buys per show. Destination X is estimated as generating about 8,000 buys, and the Slammiversary PPV garnered around 8,500 buys, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Click here for all 2011 PPV numbers.

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9 Responses

  1. Coolquip says:

    Soon as I read the title I thought it’d be zero.

  2. steve yarnell says:

    Execellent news! Great to hear that. TNA is averaging 10,000 buy per month is a good thing as the compnay has a steady pace of garanteed revenue.

  3. shaneo says:

    there not averaging 10,000 buys, it ranges to that which means it may have happened once. if i gave u a $100 bill once and $1 bill 50 times after then ur not averaging $100 bill everytime.

  4. drxfeelgood says:

    @steve yarnell – Reread the article; 10 000 is NOT the average. I “guarantee” it. Or read what shaneo said. And I say this as a TNA fan, for the record.

    Anyway, it would’ve been a pretty safe to assume that TNA is staying in their usual range. So, this isn’t news to me or to many others.

  5. Steve says:

    It’s safe to say they are not making money on their PPV’s. With the cost of production, the talent, the staff and crew it’s a losing prospect. At this point I would say TNA is making the most revenue off their deal with Spike TV. They continue to be Spikes tentpole and so as long as Spike feels they need wrestling I imagine they will be fine. Still you would think they would be trying to get these PPV numbers up.

  6. cold says:

    If TNA clears 5000 Buys per show. that’s $175,000.00. I can’t imagine that it cost that much to put on a 3 hour show @ the impact zone once a month


    if they only average about 750 people @ their live events. @ an Avg of 40.00 per ticket. thats only $30,000.00.
    (minus talent pay, minus travel expenses, minus venue rental, minus promoting the events, etc)

    so how could the be losing money on ppv’s???

  7. shaneo says:

    @cold easy.. overpaid and overaged talent. what do u think angle, sting, flair, and even hogan are working for free? they are paying hardy for what?

  8. Bo says:

    @shaneo…spot on brother. Why would I pay money to see the same thing over and over? There’s nothing Hogan, Flair, Sting, Van Dam, etc, etc, etc can do that I haven’t seen before. Factor in Vince Russo horrible booking/writing and this is why their numbers are not good. They have noting new to offer..and what is new…is damaged by Russo garbage booking.

    Yep, top dollar for over the hill workers that hog up air time leaving little for the youngsters. I don’t care about the stats regarding age…the dinosaurs get all the billing in TNA.

  9. Deathedge says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Destination X’s buyrates might tell the TNA brainiacs that no one wants to see them.

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