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Taped 7/26 in Orlando, FL. The go home show for the Hardcore Justice PPV.

– Immortal comes out. Mr. Anderson challenges Bully Ray to a match on the Hardcore Justice PPV.

– Madison Rayne d. Miss Tessmacher. Mickie James joined the announce table. Rayne wins and begins to beat beat down Tessmacher after the match, which led to Mickie James attempting a save but then is jumped by Winter and Angelina Love.

– Bound For Glory Series match: Brother Devon d. AJ Styles.

– Bound For Glory Series match: D’Angelo Dinero d. Samoa Joe via DQ. Joe actually forced The Pope to tap out, but was disqualified for refusing to break the hold.

– Hernandez d. James Storm.

– Austin Aries d. Alex Shelley.

– Bound For Glory Series match: Crimson and RVD d. Gunner and Scott Steiner when RVD pinned Scott Steiner.

– They announced Crimson vs. Rob Van Dam in the Bound for Glory series.

– They did the Sting vs. Kurt Angle contract signing for the Hardcore Justice PPV.

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  1. James Lynn says:

    Brother Devon beat Styles? Way to go TNA!

  2. Ian says:

    The finale of the BfG series…huh already…wonder if this is because Morgan is injured…if so they should have just left things how they are and kept going…was really hoping they were going to have Joe go back to his old self and just start dominating and earning points to eventually take on Crimson and beat him in the final match or something.

  3. echo says:

    There must be some plan for Joe… hopefully… because he hasn’t scored a single point in the BFG series.

  4. Criss Brian says:

    Sorry to anybody who takes offense to this, but TNA marks can’t accept how bad it is. I was a fan, and still try to be, but it’s sooooooooo horrible. First of all, Anderson was perfectly primed up to be world champion, and it made sense for him to be a loner, out for himself, instead they put him in Immortal, HORRIBLE IDEA, and he lost to Sting, HORRIBLE IDEA. Destination X was great, and they did nothing to follow up on it strongly. And how is a 52 year old a good champion when he doesn’t even do house shows? And how is it a credible idea to put him against Angle, who’s suppose to do less work for them now, an even take time off for the olyimpics. And Samoa Joe has been killed! Gunner has such little appeal cause he was never given a proper build and Bully Ray has no idea how to be a singles competitor. Mexican America gives crap work with a crap name, and Abyss is NOT X Division, an there is no defense for that. They have so much talent and ability, but no execution. Sorry, but TNA is absolutely dreadful!

  5. reyo says:

    @Criss Brian, you forgot to add WWE brought back CM Punk too soon.

  6. Steve says:

    I wish TNA would stop being all over the place. I really want to like TNA and their last PPV was so good but the shows since have been so up and down with no rhyme or reason. The lack of direction is killing the product. It was what hurt WCW even when they were winning the wars was no set storyline plans and jumping around from one week to the next. Sure there are base storylines but they rarely make sense. This is where the WWE has been doing better lately.

  7. DeathNote81 says:

    I can’t believe the push they’re giving that Crimson dude. He is SO GENERIC!

    I didn’t even like when they tried to push Goldberg as an unstoppable force in WCW, but at least Goldberg had presence. He was a one-of-a-kind.

  8. IChurch says:

    I am frustrated with TNA they have been to schitzophrenic (excuse spelling). I loved TNA and thought Bischoff and Hogan had enough time off from the WCW debacle but I keep getting disappointed. Jay Lethal had some of his best moments but he was let go. The Bucks. Ould have fussed with the Hardys, the constant misuse of Mr Anderson, botched use of RVD. OH DON’T LET ME FORGET Petey Williams. If they don’t shape up I’m joining the Lance Storm bandwagon. I’m literally inches away for supporting the new HHH era. No explanation on Desmond Wolfe who was a bright star who wouldve halped fortune not to flounder. I can tell u their fortunes no push and inconsistent story lines. Well that’s by sermon today. Blessings y’all

  9. EBW says:


    I hope that comment wasn’t a shot at WWE’s storylines. With the exception of bringing Punk back too early, it was great.

  10. Brock says:

    It doesn’t matter how good their product is; people aren’t watching it and that’s the biggest issue.. their build for Destination X was really good in my opinioon and the show delivered huge but it only got about 8000 buys on PPV; that’s terrible compared to WWE who is doing 75,000-200,000 buys per PPV… Even if they don’t want to be WWE Lite, WWE is still their highest competition and they are failing to improve month over month.. The company is stagnant and not moving forward… Hell ROH is about to have a better TV deal than TNA currently has..

  11. rob says:

    lol yeah being on at 1am in mynetwork in a handful of markets is tons better than being on primetime Spike Tv.

  12. -Jay- says:

    Devon over Styles…GREAT booking.

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