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TMZ: “Big Brother” star signs a deal with TNA


“Big Brother” MUSCLEHEAD Gets MAJOR Wrestling Deal

Former ‘Big Brother’ star Jessie Godderz a.k.a Mr. Pec-Tacular just signed a deal with TNA Wrestling — and TMZ has learned the company is hopeful he’ll debut on TV by the end of the year.

For those unfamiliar, Godderz was the professional body builder on “Big Brother” Seasons 10 and 11… and has been training to become a professional wrestler ever since leaving the house.

According to multiple sources, Jesse has signed a developmental contract with TNA Impact Wrestling that runs through the rest of 2011 — and the company hopes to get him on TV in the next few months.

TMZ spoke to Jesse who tells us he’s been “training with TNA wrestler Bully Ray at his facility in Florida” ever since signing the deal … and is hopeful he’ll get an opportunity to mix it up in the ring with Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle in the near future.

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11 Responses

  1. steve yarnell says:

    Good signing. Kid could be special.

  2. Heywood Jablome says:

    i watch big brother and he said his dream was to work with wwe i guess tna is a good start

  3. Deathedge says:

    They want him to be their Miz.

  4. -Jay- says:

    He’s slow;y making his way to his dream wwe job, I agree he could be something.

  5. Rex Anderson says:

    Yep smells like Mizpiracy

  6. bob holly says:

    and this is one of the people shima and the rest will be buried for.

  7. cold says:

    rob terry anyone?

  8. KC says:

    bob holly…who cares? If he can make TNA more money than Shima and get a bigger reaction; then what the F does it matter? Wrestling is about two things in the US. Making money and getting a reaction out of the crowd. If you can’t do either, you’re worthless in the biz. TNA caters to a more balanced fan base, if you want that strong style stuff go sit with the basement dwellers at an ROH or Dragon Gate show.

  9. Hipnosis says:

    …who is this guy?….ok I searched on Google so it looks like Rob Terry could be losing his spot. lol

  10. DeathNote81 says:

    He’s got a good look.

  11. BS says:

    Why does TNA do this? Every year it’s the same thing, they bring in these former reality “stars” and shoot themselves in the foot. They might as well throw money into paper bags and light them on fire. TNA needs to refocus on what matters and what was bringing in the ratings before all this nonsense – the wrestling.

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