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Independent wrestler sues WWE Hall of Famer

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Sports – Four months after his induction in the WWE Hall of Fame, Abdullah the Butcher (real name Larry Shreve​) was served with a statement of claim on Monday July 24thfor a 6.5 million dollar lawsuit, filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, involving negligence, assault, and battery against a local Ottawa wrestler, Devon (Hannibal) Nicholson. Designated co-plaintiffs under the Family Law Act are Laura Joan Nicholson, Arthur Gwyn Nicholson, Frederick Kerry Nicholson, and Joan Greenwell, claiming $40 000 respectively for general damages.

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  1. Matt says:

    Abby should stab the judge with a fork and then drop a meat cleaver on “Hannibal”.

  2. Jose says:

    This Hannibal guy has been posting these “Don’t Bleed On Me” youtube blogs about how Abby cut him open with razorblades without his permission, and how Abby gave him hepatitis B by using the same blades he used to cut his own head open, causing “intermingling of blood” between the two wrestlers.

    You were getting in the ring with Abdullah The Butcher; what did you think was going to happen?

  3. Mshelez says:

    Even thought it would have been smarter for this guy to not get into the ring with Abdullah, Abdullah shouldn’t be doing what he is doing. Talk about a complete disregard for anyone’s safety. I saw those videos after the induction ceremony and I was a bit surprised they still inducted him, but I’m sure they have their reasons for doing it.

  4. steve yarnell says:

    Great job Triple H. It was triple H’s idea to put abdullah in the HOF. Now he is embarrassing the company!

  5. korey Parker says:

    if you youtube it you can find a 10 min video0 about the situation—–few other hall of famers dont like Abdullah and side with the hannibal—–and you hear about how he can never be in WWE now

  6. Bo says:

    How many days did Butcher work in the WWE or WWF? I believe that # is zero. Yet, Wrestlemania is in Atlanta , GA this year and they pass over Ron Simmons. in his home town.

    This is the type of “class” WWE has. Induct a wrestler that never worked a day for them and pass over Ron.

    If Butcher ever worked a day for the V. McMahon or his dad please correct I don’t recall him EVER working for them

  7. Rasha the vudoo mon says:

    you are correct and Ron being passed is just plain wrong.. He desreves it on so many levels and abby has ben doing this crap for a long time and i’ve seen him splatter blood all over the floor and walls of a building, destroying OTHER wrestlers pics t-shirt etc.. It looked like a murder scene and he doesn’t even get in the ring. Larry needs to be held accountable.

  8. steve says:

    A couple years ago at a ROH show i saw Delirious and Jimmy Jacobs use the same blade and it turned my stomach.

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