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Summerslam Main Event (updated)

The SummerSlam main event will pit WWE champion CM Punk vs. newly crowned WWE champion John Cena. The original plan was Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio, but a handful of penciled in matches were changed over the weekend.

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  1. mshelez says:

    Last night’s Raw was not the best in 10 years? Punk coming out and talking smack about the WWE, Cena and Vince – now THAT was the best Raw I can remember in years. HHH coming out and ‘firing” Vince McMahon was was better than last night. This week was good but those other shows were much better than last night.

    I would love to be able to write for the WWE. I would bring back tag team wrestling, bring back the hardcore belt (as well as the attitude era – I love 24/7 matches, especially with the Hollys) and raise the standard of women’s wrestling. I would bring managers back into play and reduce the number of pay per views back to 4 (WM, Summer Slam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble) so that there was suspense and build up to the big events. Of course, this is all fantasy but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

    As for Punk coming back too quickly, yes, he did. I’m not saying keep him off until WM. Have him show up at the offices in Connecticut and barge in and confront HHH or even Stephanie. Find some WWE friendly night show and have Punk go on there talking about how the WWE is without a champ and what they are doing right now with the belt is BS. Stuff like that. You could have that go on for at least a month, but a few months would be even better. But again, this is all my fantasy.

  2. shaneo says:

    @mshelez one 6 minute promo doesn’t justify a whole WRESTLING show as being the best. last nights raw WAS the best simply because it had great matches, 2 title matches, comical value, surprise returns, popping crowds, it toyed with the emotions of veiwers. what else happened on that raw during cm punks legendary promo? ill be waiting…

  3. mshelez says:

    Actually, that promo made Raw. You know what else happened during that night? Me neither. But that Raw is the Raw that was talked about for weeks and will continue to be talked about for time to come. That Raw got people excited about wrestling again. That Raw even had TNA people giving the WWE props. While I enjoyed the fact that JR came back and Ryder had a match, the Raw was good but it certainly wasn’t great. And a few weeks from now, people won’t remember this Raw, but they’ll still be talking about Punk and his promo.

  4. Kyle Christie says:

    I wouldn’t reduce PPV’s to 4 way too little maybe 8 but it’s ok the way it is but defo never have PPV like last year 2 in 2 weeks think was Hell In A Cell and another that had no time to be built up.

  5. Asterik says:

    Alicia Fox on the promotional poster of SummerSlam? Huh! I wonder who meat she banged to be on it…lol…

  6. DJ Reign says:

    Smell a double turn Cena & Punk!

  7. -Jay- says:

    The Cena turn will be great if it ever happens, Punk is a tweener like Austin was he can get over as a face and still have that heelish edge.

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