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Friday Night Smackdown is being taped tonight in Philadelphia, PA

– Triple H promo. Said he re signed Punk late Monday night. Christian interrupted. Made Summerslam match for Christian vs. Randy Orton for the title (No holds barred match).

– R truth came out. Triple made R-Truth vs. Orton for later. Triple H then made a Christian vs. John Morrison match. NEXT

– Backstage segment with Triple H, Teddy Long, and Zack Ryder. Hunter makes Ryder Teddy Long’s new assistant.

– John Morrison vs. Christian. Morrison took a nasty bump on the outside. Nice little match. Christian used the spear for a near fall. Christian won with the killswitch.

– Natalya, Kaitlyn and AJ vs. Alicia fox, Rosa and Tamina in a 6 diva tag match now. Heel divas win by botched scissors kick by Alicia Fox.

– Mark Henry and Big Show highlights from MITB. Then Henry highlight with Kane from last week.

– Mark Henry vs. Some jobber from Philly. Bobby Hillard i think it was. Hillard looks scared. Didn’t have the name up so don’t know spelling. Henry squashes him two minutes if that. Henry does the Yokozuna Banzai drop to the poor guy. Henry has a chair in the ring. Teddy long comes out. Sheamus comes out. Challenges Henry. Says bigger isn’t better. Sheamus slaps Henry. Gets the chair and holds Henry off as he goes crazy outside the ring. Henry leaves. Sheamus getting loud cheers. Segment ends with Sheamus sitting in ring in chair.

– New Nexus vs. The Usos for the tag titles next. Usos received little reaction coming out. New Nexus win the retain the tag team titles.

– Zack Ryder and Teddy Long backstage. Ryder makes DiBiase and Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson handicap match. Long is annoyed and said we will see

– Johnny Curtis promo. Will debut next week. Had some chick in the background taking notes or something.

– Highlights from RAW.

– Matt Stryker backstage with R-Truth. Said he felt good. Cuz hes R-Truth. A good R-Truth is a bad R-Truth. The viper is gone get got

– Smack of the night! From two weeks ago. Jackson vs. DiBiase.

– Ezekiel Jackson vs. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in a handicap match now. Cody pins Jackson with the crossrhodes.

– Jinder Mahal promo from one of the suites. Khali says stuff. Crowd chants USA because apparently we are racists.

– Summerslam rewind. Ladder match. Hbk. Razor ramon. 1995

– RAW preview for Monday. Who is the rightful WWE champion?

– Randy Orton vs. R-Truth. Standard tv match. In the middle of the match, christian comes out on the ramp with the belt. Just surveying the scene for now. Orton fights back after getting beat up. Orton is prepping for the RKO when K-Truth slides out of the ring. Christian down to the ring R-Truth hits Orton with bottle of water outside the ring. Orton back in and spears R-Truth Orton gets a chair and hits R-Truth in the gut and back. R-Truth wins via dq. Both men outside. Orton taking apart announce table. Hits R-Truth with tv. Christian watching on ramp. Orton rkos R-Truth on the table, table doesn’t break. Orton stares at christian. Back to R-Truth. Second rko on table. Still doesn’t break. Ortons music hits. Christian on stage looking petrified clutching his title belt. Show ends.

– Dark main event is Christian vs. Randy Orton in a street fight for the title. Christian on the mic before the match starts. Tries to back peddle the match. Good mic work by him. Tries to get the crowd riled up. Christian tries to walk away, Orton gets him back in the ring. Standard back and forth stuff. Christian gets a kendo stick under the ring. Both have some offense with the kendo stick. Rhodes and DiBiase interfere. Distract Orton. Christian schoolboys Orton for the win. Both attack Orton. Orton comes back and rkos both. Rkos Christian as well. Music hits as show ends.

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16 Responses

  1. guzman says:

    hahah ryder for Anonimous GM!!

  2. Jono K says:

    Does this actually count as a push for ryder??

  3. Rex Anderson says:

    well remember when John Morrison did the same assistant gig for Eric Bischoff, when Bischoff was RAW GM? It got Morrison tv time, so hopefully this Major Bo can woo woo woo a chance for more tv exposure and hopefully make something of himself

  4. Really? says:

    Ryder is the new Hornswaggle?

  5. Anony-mouse says:

    “Crowd chants USA because apparently we are racists.”

    I laughed pretty hard when I read that.

  6. johnny badd says:

    hooray racism!

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Hooray beer!

  8. Criss Brian says:

    Hooray John Cena and Randy Orton being pushed as Main Event champions against every wrestling fan’s desire! Wait.. That’s a good thing?
    How bout hooray CM Punk and Daniel Bryan for wrestling! Speaking of which, shouldn’t Daniel Bryan be on here? Oh that’s right, WWE hasn’t stopped sucking yet.

  9. John Morrison says:

    What am I doing on Smackdown?

  10. joeandrews says:

    sheamus face turn?

  11. james says:

    Wasn’t there an angle with Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan? I don’t see it in your report.

  12. Gentleman Gaga says:

    So the world champion of your show is now getting the opening match while a severely less talented and boring ex-champion is main eventing instead, makes sense WWE.

  13. Nick Camillo says:

    Yes, Wade Barrett came out for a promo, said he wanted to make money as a WWE superstar and that’s why he left England. Said he was going to get back on track. Bryan came out and ran him down a bit, talking about the Nexus. Barrett hit Bryan, Bryan played possum on the mat and then put Barrett in the crossface for a few seconds. That was pretty much the segment. I guess either my texts for that segment didn’t go through or he just missed those.

  14. marty mcfly says:

    “Crowd chants USA because apparently we are racists” LMFAO!!!

  15. XAngel says:

    People need to stop bashing Orton because he’s big. He is better than he was as heel viper and legend killer, when people loved him. I didn’t know exposure and becoming a main eventer meant that your talent goes away…I wonder how long it will take for people to start hating CM Punk. Also, what’s the big deal with Christian? He’s good, nothing more and nothing less. I have respect for every single WWE superstar because they do things most of us cannot on a daily basis, but Christian just isn’t exciting to me.

  16. THA_KING says:

    i totally agree with u XAngel, Orton worked hard to get to where he stands today in WWE, and that includes all the house shows, live shows, and his in-ring skill.and true, christian isnt exciting anymore, he was back in the day but now i cant take him seriously

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