Impact SPOILERS for Thursday

Jul 26, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck


Show opened with a Kurt Angle interview. He called out Hulk Hogan to request they settle their differences, claiming Hogan has been constantly calling him all week. Angle said he had no interest in joining Immortal because Hogan and Bischoff were two of the biggest scumbags in wrestling. He said he was going to be the best in the world by winning the title and asked Hogan if he knew what being the best in the world was all about.

Hogan said he knew, because he was the best in the world, and we got the smoky buildings speech that Vince loves to say. He told Angle that he doesn’t know why he’s disrespecting him because he has big plans to help Angle make money. Angle said he’d kick Hogan’s ass right now but he respects him too much. Angle said the difference between him and Mr. Anderson is he can’t be bought. This stuff is priceless.

Angle challenged Hogan to a match but Hogan said he had eight back surgeries, but that Angle has never proven himself in wrestling, and said his Olympic gold medal win was a fluke. When this was all said and done, Angle said that he knows Hogan can still go and told Hogan that instead of him taking out Sting for Immortal that Hogan should do it himself.

RVD b Gunner in a Bound for Glory series match

Eric Bischoff got a letter from the network, yes that’s back. He read it to Immortal and it said since Destination X was such a big success, they want more X Division wrestlers signed. Sting came in and announced that he was just signed as the new network executive and he announced Angle vs. Anderson in a cage with Fortune surrounding the ring. You know a lumberjack match and a cage match.

Brian Kendrick and Alex Shelley came out. Shelley called out Austin Aries for costing him the title. Shelley talked about all the guys who have made the X Division what it is and that it wasn’t about cheaters like Aries. Aries said that he had to beat two guys to qualify for a match that he had to beat three guys in to get a contract. Now that he’s got a contract, he’s looking out for himself. He said Kendrick and Shelley are about pleasing the fans. He’s about doing what’s best for himself. He said he’s had five star matches, but now he wants a five star bank account and wants a shot at the title. Anyway, when this was said and done it’s Kendrick vs. Shelley vs. Aries at Hardcore Justice for the X title. Abyss came out and said they can’t make that call, and he’s going to kill the X Division tonight. Sting then came out and announced Kendrick vs. Abyss for the title would be an Ultimate X match.

Crimson b Bully Ray in a Bound for Glory Series match

Winter b Tara

They seemed to set up Velvet Sky & Traci Brooks vs. ODB & Jackie match.

Fortune announced they had a six-man at Hardcore Justice. Sting came out and asked them to keep Immortal away from the ring.

Brian Kendrick b Abyss in the Ultimate X match. Abyss was the latest guy in TNA afraid of heights. Finish saw Abyss pick Kendrick up high in a choke slam, so high Kendrick grabbed the X.

Kurt Angle b Mr. Anderson in a cage match. Fortune was around the ring and Immortal came out. Ray tried to help Anderson, but it backfired and Angle pinned him. Sting and Angle had the staredown at the end.

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