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Updated Bound for Glory standings

Updated BFGS standings as of

1. Crimson 31 pts
2. Gunner 28 pts
3. Matt Morgan 24 pts
4. RVD 21 pts
4. Devon 21 pts
4. Bully Ray 21 pts
4. James Storm 21 pts
4. Robert Roode 21 pts
5. AJ Styles 14 pts
5. Scott Steiner 14 pts
6. Samoa Joe 0 pts
6. The Pope 0 pts

Recent results:

RVD +7 pinned Scott Steiner
Matt Morgan +10 won a ladder match against Samoa Joe, Gunner & AJ Styles

Salem, VA 7/21
Bully Ray +7 pinned Samoa Joe
Beer Money beat Scott Steiner & Gunner when Roode +7 pinned Gunner

Winston Salem, NC 7/22
Gunner +7 pinned Samoa Joe
Beer Money beat Scott Steiner & Bully Ray when Storm +7 pinned Steiner

Harrington, Del 7/23
Scott Steiner +7 pinned Samoa Joe
Beer Money beat Bully Ray & Gunner when Roode +7 pinned Bully Ray


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3 Responses

  1. joey boots says:

    Hey, at least they are pushing new fresh faces.

  2. Joey says:

    Please TNA do NOT let Gunner or Crimson win! I hope your grooming Joe to come back or even if Morgan wins it I’ll be satified. Pope or Styles would also be satistying. Or RVD. Or one of Beer Money. Hell anyone besides Steiner, the former members of Team 3D, Crimson, or ESPECIALLY Gunner.

  3. Bob says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing crimson win,but I would love to see samoa joe come back and win because I can’t stand them booking him to lose in every single match he’s in

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