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News on Bret Hart, Chuck Palumbo, Benoit, FCW

– Bret Hart tweeted: New autograph appearance: Saturday, September 24 in Fairless Hills, PA. Please go to for all info

– Chuck Palumbo via Twitter: Looks like i may be back in the ring in Oct.Looking forward to it! Have some fun and hang out with some old friends.

– FCW tweeted: FCW sold out Melbourne Auditorium this past Saturday. Thank ou Sheamus, Sanitno Marella, Vladimir Kozlov and John Morrison!!

– Mike Benoit, father of Chris, told Irv Muchnick this morning that he is considering organizing a class action lawsuit against WWE in light of the recent NFL concussion suit, Mike Aldren reports.

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  1. xLx says:

    Micheal please don’t. It was horrible what happened to your son, but people didn’t know how those chairshots and diving headbutts effected him at the time. Plus, it probably wouldn’t have stopped Chris from doing it anyway.

    Chris only ever cared about one thing, wrestling. It’s all he wanted to do, and he never slowed down or changed his style. You can’t wrestle for ever, and you can’t wrestle balls out forever. On top of his friends being dead, his brain not functioning properly, the thing I think drove Benoit to give up and commit suicide was the realisation that he’d soon have to stop wrestling all together.

    It’s not an excuse. You can’t live your life free from that kind of compromise. If you try do, in the end it destroys you.

    I really hope he lets it go. It’s not worth it. No amount of money is going bring the three of them back to life. It’s just going to bury the sport, and bury what little in-ring legacy Chris has left.

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